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October 2012 update

Please click here to listen to the radio interview between Red Ice Radio and Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson – Hour 1 – Hemp Oil Cancer Cure
October 7, 2012
Rick Simpson has been providing people with instructions on how to make Hemp Oil medicines for about 8 years. The results, Rick claims, have been nothing short of amazing. The research, backed by hundreds of other studies done worldwide, have proven that properly made hemp medicine provides relief and cures many diseases, even cancer. Simpson has provided hemp oil to hundreds of people with various medical conditions and the results speak for themselves. Throughout man’s history hemp has always been known as a powerful medicinal plant across the world. We’ll discuss Rick’s story and the use of hemp oil as medicine. He’ll explain how it works and talk about the reasons why the pharmaceutical establishment refuses to acknowledge the powerful effects and benefits of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Please also information by Dr Mercola (MJay 2011) regarding Medical Marijuana

Do watch this free downloadable movie made by a brave and compassionate wonderful being


My name is Rick Simpson.

I have been providing people with Hemp Oil medicines, at no cost, for about 3 years.

The results have been nothing short of amazing.

Throughout man’s history hemp has always been known as the most medicinal plant in the world……….

Can’t view Run From The Cure on YouTube?


Phoenix Tears Foundation & Patients Out of Time

Patients Out of Time has joined with the Phoenix Tears Foundation in an educational endeavor to bring state of the art knowledge concerning the therapeutic use of cannabis to the United States and International health care community.
The coupling of empirical science based research and ANA and AMA accredited courses provided by POT with hands on instruction by clinical cannabis experts, cannabis biologists and herbalists of Phoenix Tears brings two of the world’s foremost medical cannabis patient advocacy non-profit organizations together to undertake this mission.

24 Comments on “CANCER – HEMP SEED OIL”

  1. Clinton says:

    Hi my wife was diagnosed with Breast Canser 5yrs ago, had a Mastectomy and now 5 months ago the cancer has moved to her lungs. She has been such a positive person up until now. Every time she went for blood and tests etc she has been healthy (in remission) up until now. She has had chemo every week for the last 3 months.
    We have seen the link and have just bought Crede, Hemp Oil that has OMEGA 6&3, is this the right stuff and how often must my wife use it. All that it instructs us to do is take 15ml for a adult. Nothing else!
    She is only 48yrs old, still very young and we want to fight the cancer.

    • BIO-SIL says:

      Please visit our website – I would recommend that you book an online appointment with our wonderful GP there. Apologies for the lateness – I missed this comment. Blessings :)

  2. Good day.

    Do you supply the Rick Simpson oil?

  3. Gary says:

    Am Gray i live in Belgium, my wife was suffering from breast cancer and the oncologist told me that there was nothing that he could do then a friend told me about the Rick Simpson hemp oil that can cure cancer and gave me his email:, i told he that my wife’s breast cancer was in the last stage that he didn’t think the Rick Simpson cannabis oil would cure it and he persuaded me to try it, so I and my wife decided to give it a try as it was the only means to a better future.
    I did some research about Rick on phoenix tears and I procured the medication from him: where all help was given to my family with full attention and today the Rick Simpson cannabis oil has cure my wife’s breast cancer and she has finish her treatment and her cancer has been assured to be gone by her oncologist after 3 months treatment plan of 60 grams with great potency of the THC content in medication.
    I bought it and she used it,it worked exactly as the explain and promised. Thanks to for helping me with cannabis oil and for his support and care.
    The Cannabis oil has assured the fear in my life and I have been recommending patient to Rick.

  4. Kandisha says:

    I suffer from Breast Cancer, which for me at that point in my life, the world was not worth me being in it as a human. the discrimination starter within my heart. Even since, my total life has been worthless. but when I discover the Rick Simpson cannabis oil and a new hope for a brighter future, restoration came back to me with full force. I heard that Hemp Oil could help, and for the price i was willing to try anything that would save my My Life. What I found out was astonishing! It was instantly getting better and better and most of the virus are gone and just little medication left for me. It’s also a light, i am very grateful to Rick Simpson cannabis oil for me and his Medical Advises, for all those that have problems with Cancer Please Please Kindly let the Rick Know at:,
    Am working in power, Am walking in miracle, I live a life of favor, i know who I am.
    Thank you Father in Heave for another chance to prove my self to humanitarian service

  5. Please inform the readers that Rick Simpson’s Oil is Cannabis Oil, also known as Hash Oil. It is NOT the same as Hempseed Oil. Hemp seeds do NOT contain the medicinal substances that Cannabis Oil contains.

    Please correct the title of your article to reflect this!
    Thank you,
    Petros Evdokas,

  6. Bill Vorster says:

    All i can say is……… is fantastic

  7. Annali Goosen says:

    I suffer from severe eczema, and read that hemp seed oil can help?

    Where can I buy it? I am in Pretoria, Gauteng.

    Please please help me?

  8. Wynand Roets says:

    Hi please provide me with information on how to get hold of this oil I have been suffering with stomach problems for the last 7 years.

  9. BIO-SIL says:


    Rick Simpson
    ‎”Well Rick and Jindrich, my hard work and dedication to RSO has finally paid off I’ve been following Rick and Phoenix tears since 2004 and I was an instant believer in the healing capabilities of the oil. I spread the word and stood behind it 100% even when people laughed and called me crazy. I’ve now cured 3 people with terminal cancer and my most recent patient I owe a lot of credit to for actually going through the medical system and refusing all there treatment and having it documented that he was using RSO to cure his cancer….both of his lungs were full of cancer and they gave him 3 months to live when he was first diagnosed…. 5 months ago. Today he is officially cancer free and he actually gained 27 pounds. The cancer doctors are blown away by his miraculous recovery in only 5 months with barely any help from them and are actually saying he is healthier than they are now. Lol he was eating the oil in front of the doctors at the hospital and carrying around a Weed world magazine with a Phoenix tears article in it showing it to all the other patients and spreading the word about RSO. I will have copies of all the hospital documentation soon that RSO cured his cancer…it says it right on his paperwork that he used “hemp oil ” for treatment. I will be putting together a story for him asap to help spread the word as much as I possibly can, I also know about 25 other people that have seen the RSO miracle work for many different illnesses and they are now working on curing themselves also…the word is out!!!! :) On behalf of the cured and soon to be many others in my area i would like to say THANK YOU guys for your continued hard work and dedication to the rediscovery of the panacea…. You guys are lifesavers…. Literally!! PEACE AND LOVE from P.A. — Thank you, Steve and we are looking forward to receiving the documentation. JB

  10. Kobus says:

    I agree. Govt should be supportive and not just out to make money. I need info as to where and how we can buy and order the hemp oil for cancer treatment as soon as possible.

    • mandlakhe says:

      Hi I have a sister with very bad malignant breast cancer, had a mastectomy already and now has spread to the liver and lungs. She is strong willed and has survived but is now seeming to give up. I wanted to get here this miracle hemp oil but don’t know where to start in Gauteng South Africa where I’m residing. Please advice

      • BIO-SIL says:

        So sorry to hear about that. I cannot advise you on the THC oil (see Rick Simpson on Facebook)
        but there is an excellent brand of hemp oil (Crede) available in health shops in South Africa.
        See our posting recently about this being THE cure with video by Dr Coldwell. (filed under “Cures”)
        Very best wishes, Yvonne

  11. I am interested how do you make it? if it can only do good and no harm why not?

  12. Sky says:

    Easy to make and works like a dream. Used a different process than alcohol – resulting in a much purer oil. Only problem is I did not want to sit in jail in this country for being made a criminal for health. Gave it up for safer ventures. Sad though, as many folk out there could do with the help!
    Education, education!

    • BIO-SIL says:

      Hi there – thanks for posting. Yes, agreed, it is just so sad that such a simple cure is withheld. However, there is a light on the horizon – many USA states are pushing for legislation approving M as a medical application. Only problem is the big pharma boys are trying to scoop the opportunity. Keep posted – I will post updates. I have no idea what progress has been made in this regard in South Africa. :o) Yvonne

    • teboho says:

      other than alcohol what else can b used as solvent

  13. BIO-SIL says:

    So sorry I can’t help you with that.

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