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My Journey Leaving the Anti Vaccination Movement


I bet you freaked out just a little bit when you read the title right? Megan? Leaving the anti-vaccination movement? Sorry to disappoint you. Someone would have to prove to me that God does not exist, I would have to switch religions, and someone would have to conduct a study showing vaccines are safe, effective, and do not have adverse reactions. To be perfectly honest though, I really don’t like these labels. I don’t vaccinate, but I respect your right to do otherwise. Is there a pro-parental rights movement? If so, sign me up for that one.

Needless to say there’s a new blogger on the scene who’s written a fairly popular post about why she left the anti-vaccination movement. Surprisingly, I found her tone of voice refreshing. She seems nice and she’s super cute too. She’s wearing a red dress on her home page and it made me want to go out and get a hot picture of myself in a red dress too. Alas’ I am a mom and the last time I wore a red dress was a Christmas nightgown I got from my Grandma when I was seven. She’s dead and so is that nightgown.

Regardless, I’d really like to be her friend (I wonder if she has friends who don’t vaccinate). However, I think all friendships should start off on the right foot, which is why I feel like we need to talk about this post.

As a mother, I haven’t given vaccinations to thousands of children, let alone my own. My mom is a nurse. My sister is an educator who is rocking the “stay at home mama movement” like me. My other sister is a chiropractor with a degree in biology. My husband is a physician with a degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. I just have a law degree. Nothing special. Just a little something I picked up to help me read, write, research, and think critically. Although my mom vaccinated us on what was a much smaller schedule when I was younger, she regrets that decision and refuses to give vaccinations now. 

To be perfectly honest, no one in our family vaccinates. We can’t…now that we know what we know.

I have no idea what pediatric nurse practitioners learn in school. What I do know is that physicians learn next to nothing about vaccines. They are told to give them and shown a picture of a child in an iron lung or a kid with measles in a third-world country. They take immunology of course, but that is not the same as vaccinology. Despite their training, doctors (and scientists) know very little about the immune system which is why there is no medical cure for any chronic autoimmune disease. This should comfort us all.

Pediatricians of course, learn how to give vaccinations. They have to order these expensive vaccines with expiration dates and if you don’t vaccinate, they’re out money…lots and lots of money. They’re also out state excise taxes and insurance reimbursements. They are not trained to acknowledge or recognize vaccine injuries nor could they give you any drug to cure your child should they experience an adverse reaction. They didn’t learn any of this in their immunology class nor did they learn how any of the ingredients vaccines contain affect the immune system. To your surprise, they didn’t pour through the clinical trials or post-licensure studies. Very few have even read the package inserts because vaccines are presumed safe right?

Nurses are excellent at giving vaccinations. Seriously, they have a great technique (minus that one nurse who accidentally permanently injured my mom’s shoulder with a flu shot jab). They know how to store, prepare, and administer them. Most of the time this is done correctly, but I have never met a nurse who has had more training on vaccinations than a physician. Have you?

In Kid Nurse’s post she basically states that she took a pro-vaccine stance because there was no evidence to support that vaccines cause autism or shattered immune systems, because the small pox vaccine eradicated small pox, because a measles outbreak occurred in her area, she has a great uncle who is in a wheelchair because of polio, and she watched a 1-month old baby fight for its life from pertussis.

All of these are perfectly valid emotional reasons not to vaccinate. However, I think if you’re going to get on your camel and make a journey to the “other side, “of the desert, you should probably do so on accurate assumption. And, since I miss taking tests, let’s do this true/false style:

Small pox was eradicated by the vaccine. False. Small pox had greatly declined before the vaccine, increased after the vaccine in westernized countries, and was effectively eradicated in third-world countries due to the surveillance and containment quarantine program. The small pox vaccine was actually flawed, deadly, and ineffective, killing many and inflicting even more with serious adverse reactions. Small pox eventually exterminated itself when people had access to clean water, good food, clean living conditions, and proper hygiene. (For a very well-referenced book on the history of small pox, read this. Check out the package insert for the small pox vaccine here.)

Immunizations and vaccinations are interchangeable terms. False. Guys, we have got to stop throwing around the terms “immunization” and vaccination as if they’re synonymous. Immunization is the process by which a person becomes immune to a disease. Vaccination does not guarantee immunity and any immunity given is temporary.

There is supposedly no “causal” connection between vaccines and autism.  True. There’s just a whole bunch of studies where children who were vaccinated got autism; a vaccine package insert that listed autism as a potential adverse reaction; court cases won by children who developed autism post-vaccination; studies that link seizures, brain encephalopathy, and gut disorders to vaccines and studies that link seizures, gut disorders, and brain encephalopathy to autism; a vaccine removed from the market because it caused brain damage in children (i.e. autism & DPT), studies on the ingredients in vaccines that cause autism, and a whole bunch of empirical data that is super important unless…it pertains to autism.

The best way to protect a baby from pertussis is to vaccinate. False. Many people decide to vaccinate after they see a child injured from pertussis. Many people decide not to vaccinate because they have seen a child injured from the pertussis vaccine. These are both emotional arguments. The truth of the matter is that babies would be protected from many diseases if mothers acquired lifetime immunity via natural exposure and subsequently passed protective antibodies to their babies. Vaccines destroy this passive immunity and put our infants at risk. However, since neither the vaccine nor pertussis give lifetime immunity we now give ineffective, untested, dangerous, “Category C” Tdap vaccines to pregnant women.

That aside, as reported in 2012 by every major news outlet and confirmed by the CDC, the Dtap vaccine is ineffective and wanes over time which is why we see pertussis outbreaks occurring in almost exclusively vaccinated populations, why those vaccinated are becoming asymptomatic carriers for the disease, and why “the number of reported pertussis cases have been steadily increasing since the 1980s.” Other news sources have reported that the pertussis bacteria is becoming resistant to the vaccine and that B. parapertussis might actually be to blame for some of the outbreaks. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, even after five doses of Dtap a person’s chance of acquiring pertussis increases by 42% each year.

So, a vaccine gives us temporary (if any) immunity, with junk ingredients, and a chance of adverse reactions like eczema, bronchitis, respiratory infections, encephalopathy, cough (which I find ironic), and SIDS. No thanks. There are better way to protect ourselves and our children from pertussis.

Polio is scary. False…unless you actually had polio. Believe it or not, polio is asymptomatic in 95% of people who actually get it; and prior to polio vaccine licensure, anything with paralysis lasting longer than 24 hours would have yielded a polio diagnosis. Aseptic and viral meningitis, Coxsackie virus, hand foot mouth, transverse myelitis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Syphilis, DDT, arsenic, and lead poisoning etc. were all diagnosed as polio prior to the vaccine. Seriously, you could play dead and get a polio diagnosis.

After vaccine licensure, diagnostic criteria changed to make the vaccine look more effective. The 220, 365 cases of non-paralytic polio that occurred between 1960 and 1992 were now labeled “aseptic meningitis.” This is just one of many examples. Not to mention that the only cases of polio recorded between 1973 and 2000 were caused by the vaccine.  So we should all ask ourselves, did our dear friend, neighbor, or relative with polio actually have polio? If they did have polio, was it caused by the vaccine? Are they in a wheel-chair? If so, was it due to the barbaric methods used by the medical profession to treat polio? While we’re at it, does our dear friend, neighbor, or relative have cancer? If so, was it caused by the polio vaccine?

True/false aside, here are some really good reasons to leave the “anti-vaccination movement:”
Double-blind, inert/saline placebo-controlled clinical trials show vaccines are safe. None have been done to date. 

Studies show that vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated children. No large-scale study in the United States has been done to date. 

Studies show vaccines do not have adverse reactions. Currently, all vaccines have possible adverse reactions. 

Studies show vaccines do not cause any health conditions, including the ones they’re designed to prevent. 

All vaccines can and have caused the very diseases they’re designed to prevent. 
Studies show the herd immunity applies to vaccinations. It’s been presumed that herd immunity applies to vaccines.

Studies show vaccines actually prevent disease. Currently, not a single study to date has proven this. This hypothesis is dependent upon the assumption that every single person would have gotten the disease if they weren’t vaccinated and that vaccinations are the only way to prevent disease.

Vaccines gives lifetime immunity. Currently, not a single vaccine offers lifetime immunity.

And my favorite…science proves vaccines do a better job at preventing disease than my God-given immune system. If you don’t believe in God, “studies show biology missed something when it gave every man and animal on the planet an immune system.”

Clearly, I’m not taking a journey any time soon. Vaccines or not, I hope we can be friends. I’ve found this red dress I’m just dying to try on.

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Do you remember your life before age seven?

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From the womb to age seven the brain is in…Theta state! There is literally no filter during this time and we take everything in as fact.  If you’re going to express consciousness, then by definition you have to be able to think something. But with regard to “thinking,” you have to have information to think about. Imagine an infant, and that the moment it’s born it can speak. It’s coming out of the birth canal…you can see the crown, and then the head. When you can see it you say, “Hi! Welcome. Please say something!” And the baby says, “I don’t know anything, I just got here.” This is why there is a period where a download of data occurs before consciousness is invoked. This is necessary so that you can use the data. It’s a period of programming. You can’t filter the data because consciousness isn’t working yet. You’re…

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The Amazing Phenomenon of Singing Plants

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You may have heard of people who talk to their plants to help them grow better.
Did you know that plants can communicate with us?
Not only can they learn and communicate, they can also make music!

Check out the video below to hear beautiful music composed and sung by plants.

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Supplementing with turmeric can completely reverse damage caused by fluoride


Turmeric shown to protect brain against fluoride poisoning


by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The neurodegenerative effects of fluoride are well documented in the scientific literature, and yet this toxic byproduct of industrial manufacturing continues to get dumped into the water supplies of almost every major city in the U.S. without consent. And while it may take a little more time before a critical mass of folks finally wakes up and puts a stop to this mass poisoning of the public, there is a way you and your family can better avoid the toxic effects of fluoride today through proper nutrition.

Publishing their findings in a recent issue of Pharmacognosy Magazine, a research team out of India observed that regular consumption of turmeric, a spice commonly used in Indian and Asian cuisine, helps to protect the mammalian brain against fluoride poisoning. Having previously uncovered the pathways through which fluoride induces harmful neuro degenerative changes in the brain, the team from Mohanlal Sukhadia University found that turmeric both neutralizes existing fluoride and protects against additional fluoride.

Testing the effects of turmeric in mice, the researchers observed that curcumin, the most well-known nutritive compound in turmeric, produces powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity that protects against multiple forms of cell damage, including singlet oxygen, hydroxyl radical and superoxide radical damage. Curcumin also helps spur the production of glutathione, the body’s “master antioxidant” that studies have shown plays a primary role in guarding against oxidative stress.

Supplementing with turmeric can completely reverse damage caused by fluoride

Knowing that fluoride induces both neurotoxic and neurodegenerative effects on brain tissue, particularly that of the hippocampus and cerebral cortex, the team tested the effects of fluoride alone, fluoride in combination with turmeric, turmeric alone and a control on mice that were randomly divided into each of these four groups. All the mice consumed their respective regimens for 30 days before undergoing analysis.

At the end of the study period, it was observed that mice in the fluoride group, which were given 120 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride in water without curcumin, experienced significant increases in malondialdehyde (MDA) activity — MDA is a recognized marker of oxidative stress. Mice consuming the same amount of fluoride along with 30 milligrams per kilogram of body weight (mg/kg), however, experienced a marked reduction in MDA, revealing the toxicity-mediating power of turmeric.

“[Fluoride] may cross the blood brain barrier, accumulate in mice hippocampal neuron cell bodies and initiates cascade of reactions which increases the oxidative stress that causes an increase in MDA content of brain tissue, which is an end product of LPO [lipid peroxidation],” wrote the authors.

“On the other hand, a distinctive decrease in MDA level was observed after [curcumin] treatment, compared to group treated with [fluoride]… [because] this phytochemical is capable of quenching oxygen free radicals such as superoxide anions and hydroxyl radicals, which are important for the initiation of LPO.”

Fluoride is an ‘excitotoxin’ like MSG that causes brain neurons to die

Concerning the general toxicity of fluoride, the team is convinced, based on more than a decade of extensive research, that the chemical very clearly collects and accumulates in brain tissue. Similar to the way that monosodium glutamate (MSG) over-excites brain neurons and essentially kills them, fluoride likewise produces an excitotoxic effect that can have lasting health consequences.

“Fluoride (F) is probably the first inorganic ion which drew attention of the scientific world for its toxic effects and now the F toxicity through drinking water is well-recognized as a global problem,” explains the study. “Health effect reports on F exposure also include various cancers, adverse reproductive activities, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases.”

You can view the curcumin/fluoride study in its entirety here:

Sources for this article include:



AIDS / HIV Cured

Restoring health from HIV/AIDS is completely possible!

thanks to Mr Jim Humble and his brave team

This information prompts one to question how come certain factions are donning gestapo boots in attempting to suppress and/or stop this information from helping people.  I call it a crime against humanity – why wait until there is nobody left healthy before we realise this.  There’s another “h” word that lurks here.

Restoring health from HIV/AIDS is completely possible! #6 in the seriesRestoring health”This is a HOT topic and one that used to scare me but now that we’ve seen so many people have their “health restored” I don’t even consider it a threat to my health at all. In fact, there is a lot of evidence that shows the HIV test is just a big fraud that was developed to enslave people for the rest of their lives by taking the “Big Pharma’s” so-called treatment for HIV, i.e ARV’s.  This is probably why the test was invented in the first place. Please read the following explanation about HIV testing and how unreliable and how many times a “false positive” can be the result. This is why we prefer listening to each individual’s body symptoms to determine if someone is delivered from this horrible disease and not the HIV test.

Symptoms a person could have when diagnosed as HIV Positive:

• Fever
• Headache
• Tiredness
• Enlarged lymph glands in the neck
• Lack of energy
• Weight loss
• Frequent fevers and sweats
• Persistent or frequent yeast infections
• Persistent skin rashes or flaky skin
• Short-term memory loss
• Mouth, genital, or anal sores from herpes infections.
• Cough and shortness of breath
• Seizures and lack of coordination
• Difficult or painful swallowing
• Mental symptoms such as confusion and forgetfulness
• Severe and persistent diarrhea
• Fever
• Vision loss
• Nausea, abdominal cramps, and vomiting
• Weight loss and extreme fatigue
• Severe headaches with neck stiffness
• Coma
• Various cancers such as Kaposi sarcoma,
• cervical cancer
• Cancers of the immune system known as lymphomas.
• Kaposi sarcoma causes round, brown, reddish or purple spots that develop in the skin or in the mouth.

When a person that is tested HIV Pos. and has had one or more of the above symptoms and those symptoms are eliminated after doing the Protocols then we consider that person HIV Neg. no matter what the conventional HIV test results show. This is what we mean by “listening to the body’s symptoms”.

Note: The body is the best Doctor of all and is reporting the “true” results and not motivated by anything else but the health of that body!

HIV tests are a fraud and if you want more information read books by authors like Harvey Bialy, Jon Rappaport and books like HIV INC etc. Tests are a fraud and there’s NO specific HIV virus therefore, no one can show it to you in a petri dish or slide. It DOESN’T exist. No medical journals say HIV causes Aids. Don’t argue with me – just read up more and see the fraud that is HIV/AIDS.  We know the fraud of Cancer and that it is curable with a little effort.

The Fraud of HIV testing (And why they want every HIV Positive tested person on ARV’s)

Note: I have been reading and researching the HIV topic for many years and this article I came across seems to sum up the HIV testing fraud very clearly including many of other tests given to confirm a specific disease. It is by Hveragerthi on

HIV tests are antibody tests, they do not test for the presence of viruses.  Contrary to what people are told about antibodies, antibodies are not always specific. For example, let’s say you want to produce a monoclonal antibody for disease research.  First, you would take a blood sample and separate the serum. You then take an antigen test target and place it in the serum sample so that antibodies attach to this antigen target.  Though these antibodies are not all specific, they are a mixture of high affinity (specific) and low affinity (non-specific) antibodies.  Of course all of these antibodies cannot be used to make monoclonals.  So the antigen test target is placed in a weak solution of sodium sulfate solution to strip off the less specific antibodies.  The target is then placed in a slightly stronger solution to remove the slightly more specific antibodies.  This process is repeated until only high affinity antibodies, with an extremely high level of specificity are left.  These are then used to make monoclonals.  The reason this is so important is because this same principle is used in HIV antibody testing.  Though in this case the antibodies are not differentiated.  So low affinity antibodies reacting on HIV test targets yield false positives.  This is the primary reason HIV antibody tests are known to have over 65 known causes for false positives!

Examples in these cases would be false positives due to pregnancy, flu vaccines, typhoid vaccines, polio vaccines, malaria vaccines, and gamma globulin, BLV antibodies from cow’s milk or beef, and viral hepatitis. Autoimmune disorders, especially lupus, are also known to yield false positives.  The risk of false positives increases with autoimmune conditions because the immune system shifts from producing predominately high affinity antibodies to predominately low affinity antibodies.  The higher level of low affinity antibodies increases the risk of false positives on antibody tests.  To further compound the problem the primary test for HIV is the ELISA, which is supposed to be confirmed by the Western blot.  Though Western blot is less accurate than ELISA.  The only reason it´s done this way is because ELISA is less expensive than Western blot.  But to use a less accurate test as a confirmation is just totally ludicrous!

Another problem with antibody tests is they do not prove the presence of a virus for another reason. Let’s say for an example that I had the flu from an influenza virus 2 weeks ago.  So I am now over the flu. If I get tested for influenza antibodies am I going to test positive or negative? I am going to test positive of course, because my immune system has successfully fought off the virus, yielding anti-influenza antibodies in the process.  So I would be influenza antibody positive, but virus negative. The same applies to HIV testing.  If you are exposed to the HIV virus but your immune system is strong enough to fight it off you will have the antibodies temporarily, yielding a false positive HIV test, but you are still virus negative. It was proven a long time ago that the HIV virus cannot infect healthy immune systems.

Then there is the question of what really causes AIDS.

HIV was stated as the cause by Robert Gallo after he got busted for scientific fraud.  He tried to reclaim his credibility by claiming before a worldwide AIDS symposium that he had found the cause of AIDS, which he claimed was HIV.  The problems with this claim?  Well, first of all he made it up!  And secondly he was wrong!  He had absolutely no solid research to back his claim.  But the world was scared and had no answers.  So when Gallo lied again the media did not stop to question the fact that there was no evidence of the claim.  So they ran with the claim and it has been a part of AIDS history since.

As far as Gallo being wrong, you need to understand what AIDS is to understand why he was wrong.  AIDS is not a disease, it is a syndrome, acquired immune deficiency syndrome.   A syndrome is not a disease, it is a group of symptoms.  So if you develop certain symptoms you are given an AIDS diagnosis.  Well under the original definition of AIDS, which was only opportunistic infections, HIV could not cause AIDS!

So the government was really in a pickle.  Here one of their top scientists had lied and was busted for scientific fraud making the US international fools. Now, one of the government’s top researchers, Robert Gallo, had lied again, which was highly embarrassing to the government if they could not cover the lie before it was widely publicized. So they came up with a solution, they changed the definition of AIDS to fit the HIV virus, so they could honestly claim that HIV could cause AIDS.  Since HIV could not cause any disease in man, that ruled out using any opportunistic infections.  So they went with the only thing the HIV virus could do, which was to drop the CD4 count.  So the definition of AIDS was changed to include a drop in CD4 cells below 200.  Thus a second international embarrassment by Gallo’s lies was averted!

Now for the rest of the story.

Gallo had to lie because he had more than his credibility at stake.  Gallo also held the patent rights to the HIV tests.  So as long as people could be fooled into believing that HIV caused AIDS he would continue to make a fortune off of royalties to his HIV tests!

So under the new definition HIV can cause AIDS, but not under the original definition.  The only things that are known to cause AIDS under the original definition are the virus Human Herpes Virus Type 6 variant A (HHV6-A) and the drug AZT (zidovudine), which destroys the bone marrow leading to a drop of stem cells.  This in turn leads to a drop of all immune cells, including CD4 cells.  The drop in CD4 cells leads to an AIDS diagnosis as does the opportunistic infections created by AZT collapsing the immune system.  But that is a whole other story, along with how AIDS came about, etc.

Here is another write-up I read on inaccuracies of HIV testing with an explanation of polymerase chain reaction (PCR, viral load), and why it cannot prove the presence or activity of a virus:

What you are asking is absolutely impossible to provide or prove.  This is because there is no way to determine the cause of AIDS in the first place.  Let’s say for example that HIV could cause opportunistic infections, which constituted the original definition. How would we determine whether or not the HIV virus is even present?  People are under the false assumption that a positive HIV test means that you are infected with the HIV virus.  But as I pointed out this is false.  First of all there are over 65 KNOWN causes for false positives on HIV tests, which are antibody tests, not tests for viruses.

1. Most of these false positives occur from serological cross reactivity, which means antibodies of like structure will cross react yielding a false positive.
2. Antibodies in gamma globulin can also react false positive.
3. And exposure, without chronic infection, will yield false positives.

Note: In the last example let’s say that I get the influenza (flu) virus.  After a few weeks I have successfully fought it off.  Yet if I go and get an antibody test I will test positive.  Does this mean I have the influenza virus?  Of course not!  Well, the same applies to the use of ELISA and Western blot tests in connection with HIV. So as we can clearly see an HIV+ test does not prove infection with the HIV virus.

So we have a “confirmation” test called viral load or PCR (polymerase chain reaction).  Can we rely on these?  The answer is no! Again contrary to popular belief PCR DOES NOT prove the presence of a particular virus.  PCR only amplifies sections of genetic material, not the whole virus. Yet other viruses share a lot of the genetics of HIV.  For instance the closest known relative to HIV is:

• The sheep maedna visna virus (SVV), which has 53% of the genetic markers of HIV.
• Bovine leukemia virus is the second closest known relative with 51% of the genetic markers and shares the same genetic coding for the production of reverse transcriptase.

Note: Therefore the amplification of the genetics of these viruses, or others, can yield false positives.  Exposure to the genetics of these viruses can come from lamb, beef, and dairy.  Another problem with PCR is its extreme sensitivity makes it very prone to cross contamination, which has been demonstrated many times.  For instance, there was a claim that a British sailor died of HIV induced AIDS back in 1950.  PCR of preserved tissues seemed to back this claim, but it was later proven that the samples were contaminated in the lab.  And wild caught monkeys were thought to have harbored the HIV, or a similar virus, because of a PCR test.  Again it was found that the samples were contaminated in the lab, and the monkeys were not harboring any viruses.  PCR is also limited by other factors, such as annealing time, which can alter results.

So as we can see there is absolutely no way to prove that a person is infected with HIV!


HIV Testimonies from the Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols

#1. A few years ago a mature woman with full blown AIDS was brought to our church for prayer. My pastor asked me to help her since I had successfully helped other people with very serious illnesses. Since she had already declined to take the anti retroviral medication on her own accord, I put her on Protocol 1000. I also gave her my soft-bounce mini trampoline. Since she could not walk on her own, I gave instructions for her relatives to assist her on the trampoline until she could bounce on her own. She also had several healing scriptures which she had to read 8 times daily, just as with the use of MMS and the trampoline. What happened after blew my mind…
Two weeks later a woman fitting the description of a gym instructor strode into our prayer meeting. It took some convincing to confirm that this was the same shadow of a woman with full blown AIDS! We were dumbfounded: it’s TRUE!!! MMS is the real deal!!! I knew MMS works – but not this fast! And so thorough. That very day she had jumped on the trampoline for 1 1/2 hrs! She explained that while the 1st week was exceptionally challenging, she persevered and felt enormously better at the beginning of the 2nd week… and she was only at 2 drops per hour!
MMS is a stand alone powerhouse, and makes other protocols work incredibly better!


#2. Hello Jim Humble, I am very grateful about your gift of MMS to the world and to me because it has healed me completely from Hiv-infection. I use MMS now for over 2 years, with fullest satisfaction. I did the Hiv-test back in 1990 and was put on meds in ’96 and I used them up until 2010. Because they were killing me I stopped taking them altogether. But then MMS came and ever since then I live a healthy life. I will go on using it as long as it is available. Thank you Jim Humble for all you did to me.



#3. Dear Jim and Staff
Calling in from South Africa

Am keen to do your video course, so please forward me details.

Am also having amazing success with MMS and assisting rural folk in KwaZulu Natal where poverty, sickness and suffering poor nutrition is rife!

Have one case where a young girl of 8 with TB, HIV (diagnosed with a CD4 count of 83!!!) and TB Meningitis was basically about to be submitted to a mental hospital to probably spend her last days in poor support and care. We got her home and she started MMS on two drops twice a day. For two weeks she had Herxheimer reactions every time she took it. Then she started getting better, eating more and putting on weight. Four weeks later she had lost her “voices” in her head and was interacting with other children normally. She is back at school and happy.
She went to the local government hospital for a checkup last week, and absolutely astounded not only her doctor, but also all the division staff who had never seen a recovery before! They all wanted to know what she had taken, and were told by her brother who accompanied her to hospital, that it was MMS and to Google it if they wanted to step out of “stupidity”! They were up in arms that MMS is not used or known by the medical regime here local! We kept a low profile, as our last President (Mbeki – he was ousted from his chair as he denied HIV claims!) did badly taking on big Pharma and the Health regime!
I look forward to your response.
Love and Blessings
Gavin Phoenix
Trinity Farm
South Africa

#4. Hello, I will try to keep this short, but my husband and I are herbalist’s in Guyana, South America.  We have had enormous success with MMS. The success started when we were training in North Carolina.  Since being here in Guyana, it has been difficult due to the government’s resistance to MMS.  Mr. Jim Humble was here himself and was no longer welcomed when he gave his men MMS while in the bush here and they recovered.  I have treated my clients for cancer, malaria, chrohn’s disease, sinuses, herpes and some chronic pains of unknown origin.  Two clients who had tested positive for HIV, reported testing negative after taking the solution.  My husband and I use it for the water tanks as our water is rain water, as well as take it on a regular basis.
The only obstacle is the government.  It is so needed in this country.  Would like to attend seminar, but this is a poor country. I totally support MMS and would love to be a teacher.
p.s. wasn’t sure about the title.  The name of our business is Tree of Life Natural Herbs.

Lisa Hercules

#5. I was diagnosed as HIV positive in Australia well over a year & a half ago, the doctor who specialized in treatment of HIV recommended I take AZT luckily I wasn’t your average bear and told him I would not be going down that path & would use MMS instead , of course he had no idea what I was talking about, before I go on I want to tell you that the psychological benefits of knowing you have MMS to deal with these sorts of conditions is tremendous, the nurse was convinced I would need counseling, as most poor souls simply see it as a death sentence, and told me to make an appointment when the truth of my condition slammed home, This never happened, Knowing I could deal with the condition by myself using MMS was a tremendously empowering position.

I immediately started the protocol 1000 regime, sometimes I missed a hour but plugged away and actually did over 5 to 6 weeks in the end, I got used to drinking it neat with water, mucking around with juices just complicated things, I still to this day drink it neat with water, it’s unpleasant but not intolerable, I usually swill it in my mouth before swallowing just to do the teeth as well, My energy levels and overall health are very good with no colds flu, or other indicators of lowered immune efficiency showing up, I have been fighting fit for over a year now since I treated it with the protocols described in the latest e book,

I no longer consider myself HIV positive no matter what my file may say, I know I’m well, On another MMS related story that happened a few days ago, My sister in law became afflicted with Typhus from bad ground water (they live next to a canal here in Indonesia)unfortunately I wasn’t informed about her condition until 7 days had gone by ,but once I did find out I went to see her next door & she was laying on the bed in a sore & sorry condition, I gave her 3 drop twice in 2 hours, , the next day waking up well enough to go to work as a teacher, I have given here 2 follow up doses just in case, And she has recovered 100% very quick results I would say.

Mark Jago

#6. Just a quick note. I have been helping someone with HIV using MMS. Today he reports that his viral load is only 125. Last lab was 700. He doctor says his blood work looks almost normal. They are astounded! Asked him what he has been doing and he has not told them as of yet.
He has been doing 6 drops 2 and sometimes 3 times a day over the past 7 weeks. He feels great and has gained weight. We are all very excited here!
Will post more when I have further information.


#7. My name is Almaze I come from Ethiopia , I am HIV positive and I have 1 son but he’s ok from this sickness thanks God .?and I hearing from this MMS before 3 years from one friend of my sister she is also the same like me but thanks God she is completely ok now and I know if I can found this MMS I will be also ok but I don’t know where can I found can you please help me to found this MMS please please by God name I ask you to tell me where I can found or I can buy . From the first day up to now I am looking for , for this but it is not easy to found here in Ethiopia . ?Dear Jim Humble Thanks so much and God bless you where ever you are.

#8. Genesis 2 Canadian news.
I will be posting personal health reports shortly on the sight.  Since I started taking the MMS and stopped my ARV drugs.  I feel great but most of all, after 6 weeks off meds and on the MMS, my blood work taken last week shows that I am undetectable for any HIV virus.

This is significant because I attempted to cut back 2 years ago and the virus load went very high and I became very sick.  Another factor the medication was stopping my bones from producing red blood cells….after being off meds for 6 weeks my hemoglobin has remained within the normal range.

It will be a couple of weeks until I get results on my cancer…which will be another success story to publish.  My doctor was very excited for me and wants to be kept abreast of what happens.

#9. A minister who told me that his son had AIDS and he did not expect him to live much longer.  I gave him some MMS1 and MMS2 and told him how to use it.
In 1 month the son was feeling great and in another month got a job in Chicago.  He is now holding down an $84,000.00 a year job.
Marvin Kroeker

#10. Hi everyone!!!
I’m here to share some great news: after my wife tested NEGATIVE for HPV (already mentioned that story here a while ago), it was my turn:
Took the PCR (RNA) test for HIV and guess what???
Results came UNDETECTABLE!!!! I’m so damn happy!!!

CD4 is still a little low, but the doctors said the Viral Load is THE most important thing and now that NO virus was detected in my blood, he’s more than positive CD4 counts will raise.
Also, it’s important to note that I couldn’t wait the three months as recommended by Jim after finishing the Protocol because my doctor requested my to take the test.

IMPORTANT: I’ve been on Protocol 4000 (MMS2) for exactly 105 days (29 days for maintenance)….
And besides the Protocol, Faith and Hope played real important elements, as I prayed a lot with each MMS capsule I took.   Maybe in three months I’ll take the elisa test, and God help me that will test negative too!!!
For those who wanted a testimonial, here you have it. I’ll try to copy the test results here (sorry for the language, it’s in portuguese):

Método: Reação em cadeia da polimerase (PCR) em tempo real
Material: RNA extraído do plasma
Limite de detecção: 20 cópias/mL (34 UI/mL).

NOTA(1): Um resultado “indetectável” indica que a viremia está ausente
ou se encontra abaixo do limite de detecção do teste.
NOTA(2): Este teste não deve ser utilizado para o diagnóstico de
infecção por HIV-1, exceto em situações clínicas bastante

Peace, Love and Health to everyone!
Chris, from Brazil

HIV/AIDS video testimonies

Note: The problem with recording video testimonies for people that tested “positive” for HIV is that people don’t want others to know they were HIV Positive. But, some brave people that want to see others delivered from this horrible disease have recorded their testimonies and we hope more will do the same.

1 – Arsenio
2 – Ron



Note: This is what the WHO is reporting worldwide, so the truth might be much different esp. when they say “there is no cure”!

HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has become one of the world’s most serious health and development challenges:

• 33.4 million are currently living with HIV/AIDS.
• More than 25 million people have died of AIDS worldwide since the first cases were reported in 1981.
• In 2008, 2 million people died due to HIV/AIDS, and another 2.7 million were newly infected.
• While cases have been reported in all regions of the world, almost all those living with HIV (97%) reside in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.
• According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most people living with HIV or at risk for HIV do not have access to prevention, care, and treatment, and there is still no cure.
• The HIV epidemic not only affects the health of individuals, it impacts households, communities, and the development and economic growth of nations. Many of the countries hardest hit by HIV also suffer from other infectious diseases, food insecurity, and other serious problems.
• Despite these challenges, there have been successes and promising signs. New global efforts have been mounted to address the epidemic, particularly in the last decade. Prevention has helped to reduce HIV prevalence rates in a small but growing number of countries and new HIV infections are believed to be on the decline. In addition, the number of people with HIV receiving treatment in resource poor countries has increased 10-fold since 2002, reaching an estimated 4 million by 2008.

How the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing can help you restore health from HIV/AIDS?

1. Come to one of our “Health Restoration centers” worldwide.

We are presently receiving people at our Colombia Center in Santa Marta, Colombia, South America. Contact info:
Note: This is a 1 Month protocol program which includes diet, training and practical experience.

2. Attend one of our Genesis II Church Seminars worldwide.

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3. Study a Genesis II Church Home Study video course.

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This is the sixth newsletter in our series called “Restoring Health”. These letters are informative and include testimonies from people using the  Genesis II Church sacramental protocols in regard to specific health issues such as; Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer, Hepatitis A&B, Lyme disease, Diabetes, Herpes, HIV, Coronary artery disease and MRSA, (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) to name a few. Each newsletter will include “Real Life” testimonies. We hope to use this series of newsletters to record and archive many more testimonies to help others see that they really can, “take control of their OWN health care”.

We are changing the world!!!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

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Undeniable proof that the Red Cross cured 154 Malaria cases with MMS, in their water purification study in Uganda, 2012: This video got leaked and released 1st of July 2013 and makes it impossible for the Red Cross to keep claiming that the study never took place, as was their response to the 2nd of may video.

Red Cross cures 154 Malaria cases in Uganda with MMS:
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Depression – treat with turmeric!

Turmeric more effective than Prozac at treating depression

by Elizabeth Renter

Turmeric more Effective than Prozac at Treating Depression

It’s common knowledge in the natural health world that pharmaceuticals often (if not always) do more harm than good. It’s also clear that foods, herbs, and other natural sources can offer similar benefits without those nasty side effects. Once again, our beliefs have been affirmed by science:

A recent study published in Phytotherapy Research says that not only is turmeric effective at treating depression, it may even be more effective than some of the most common anti-depressant drugs currently on the market.

While previous studies have indicated the effectiveness of turmeric (curcumin) in treating serious depression, this study was the first randomized controlled clinical trial of its kind.

Researchers with the Department of Pharmacology of Government Medical College in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India compared the effects of turmeric and Prozac (fluoxetine), both used together and individually, in 60 patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD).

According to, the researchers used the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale to measure their results:

“We observed that curcumin was well tolerated by all the patients. The proportion of responders as measured by the HAM-D17 scale was higher in the combination group (77.8%) than in the fluoxetine [Prozac] (64.7%) and the curcumin (62.5%) groups; however, these data were not statistically significant (P = 0.58).

Interestingly, the mean change in HAM-D17 score at the end of six weeks was comparable in all three groups (P = 0.77). This study provides first clinical evidence that curcumin may be used as an effective and safe modality for treatment in patients with MDD without concurrent suicidal ideation or other psychotic disorders.”

While reading the researchers conclusions indicates one treatment (turmeric) is equally effective as Prozac, it doesn’t account for the negative effects of Prozac, which boost turmeric’s value considerably. Prozac is known to cause “suicidal ideation or other psychotic disorders,” frightening side effects that are clearly absent in turmeric use


The grim reality of baby formula

The grim reality of choosing baby formula over breast milk


by Derek Henry 

(NaturalNews) All mammals produce milk for their young and have been nurturing babies at the breast for thousands of years. It has only been in the last 6o years or so that babies have been given the highly ineffective and processed food called “formula” at the expense of breast milk, and the consequences are dire.

The sobering stats on breast feeding practices and baby formula

A woman feeding her baby exclusively breast milk for at least three months was done by a little better than 37 percent of the population in 2013, and only 16.4 percent were exclusively breastfeeding at six months, according to the Breastfeeding Report Card distributed by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

This effectively means that baby formula was introduced in over 60 percent of cases after three months of exclusive breast feeding and after six months nearly 85 percent of babies were now being fed baby formula in some capacity.

With the health consequences of baby formula showing five times the risk of gastroenteritis, twice the risk of developing diabetes, and up to eight times the risk of developing lymphatic cancer, the widespread acceptance of baby formula becomes a very dangerous practice.

Is baby formula the next best choice to breast milk?

Baby formula was never meant to be consumed on the widespread basis that it is today. The idea originated in the 1800s as a way to feed orphans whom otherwise would have starved. In this very narrow context, formula was a lifesaver.

However, formula is now considered a very popular choice, and in many cases, the immediate solution for new mothers. However, formula should not even be considered the second choice, let alone the first, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). They recommend, in order of importance:

1. Breast milk from mother
2. Mother’s own milk in cup or bottle
3. Breast milk from a milk bank or wet nurse
4. Formula milk

Perhaps it is time to set up a system that facilitates the implementation of this prioritized list.

Nutritional and cost comparison

Breast milk is natural, “live” food that contains living cells, enzymes, hormones, and antibodies of at least 400 other unique components. It also provides active immunity to protect the baby from disease.

On the other hand, formula is a “dead”, artificial food full of GMOs, refined sugars, hydrogenated fats, and isolated vitamins and minerals that are incredibly difficult to absorb. This is before you even consider the mixing process that may contain toxic tap water, and being heated in a plastic bottle that can expose the baby to hormone altering BPA.

In addition to that, consider the following:

• Breast milk contains appropriate levels of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates along with appropriate enzymes to digest them, whereas baby formula contains incomplete forms of each without the appropriate enzymes in order to absorb each efficiently
• Breast milk contains millions of living white blood cells in every feeding and is rich in immunoglobulins, whereas baby formula has no live white blood cells or any other cells and has no immune benefit
• Breast milk provides active and dynamic protection against infections of all kinds, whereas baby formula provides none of that protection

If that wasn’t enough reason to breastfeed, consider that the cost of baby formula and bottles can be up to $2000 a year and can “cost” you hours each day in preparation, where breast feeding can cost up to $1000 in additional food and takes very little in the way of preparation.

The choice for a healthier baby seems clear, as breast really is best.

Sources for this article include:

About the author:
Motivated by his own story of being sick and crippled at age 30 to healthy and pain free 5 years later, Derek is an expert in helping people get on track in a fraction of the time it took him on his own journey. Actively engaged in the research of natural healing for over 6 years, Derek has spent over 3000 hours studying and collaborating with top minds in nutrition and utilizes that extensive knowledge to deliver protocols that help people overcome their own health challenges. 

Derek is the owner and Master Health Coach at Healing the Body, and writer of over 200 natural health articles, many of which are featured at hisHealing the Body Facebook Fan Page

Derek specializes in specific nutritional and wellness programs, from simple lifestyle transitions to complete healing protocols. Check out his popular free health consult.

Know your yoghurt

The ultimate solution is to make your own – look into other cultured foods that are easy to cultivate in your own kitchen, such as cultured veggies;  milk and water kefir and kombucha.  There is much information available now and there are also instructional videos.  :)   BIO-SIL


Conventional ‘yogurt’ is junk food disguised as health food

by Julie Wilson 

(NaturalNews) Thanks to greater awareness surrounding the dangers of food that’s processed and doused with pesticides, consumer attitudes have blossomed from an interest to a demand when it comes to knowing what’s in our food and understanding what’s healthy.

However, consumers aren’t the only ones who’ve changed their attitude toward “conventional” food. Large food manufacturers have also transformed their tactics in regard to producing and labeling food products (mostly labeling), but instead theirs is driven by money rather than concern for consumer health.

While many have become diligent at reading labels and checking ingredients, there are some foods out there that are cleverly marketed as “healthy” but are anything but. Sometimes these products need to be examined more closely for harmful ingredients.

One product to watch out for is yogurt.

When it comes to being portrayed as healthy, yogurt is kind of like beef jerky. Many think beef jerky is super-low in calories, and a great source of protein; however, in reality it’s filled with massive amounts of sodium and MSG, making it very unhealthy.

Advertisers market yogurt as a quick, low-calorie, healthy snack, even labeling it with a seal that reads “Live and Active Cultures.” This is meant to fool customers into believing that it provides a high level of healthy microorganisms, or probiotics.

The “Live and Active Cultures” seal is used only on products made by popular brands like General Mills or Groupe Danone. Interestingly, organic companies don’t use this seal at all.

Tests done by the Cornucopia Institute, an organic watchdog group that promotes family-scale farming, showed that many farmstead organic yogurt products without the “Live and Active Culture” seal actually contain higher amounts of probiotics than conventional yogurt.

When you study the ingredients in “conventional” yogurt, you’ll find that it’s made from milk produced by a cow that’s been confined to one space its whole life, pumped with antibiotics and hormones, and fed GMO grain. Ingredients can also include artificial sweeteners, chemical defoamers, processed sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, synthetic preservatives and the controversial thickener carrageenan.

Numerous health problems have been associated with aspartame, including migraines, blurred vision, depression, gastrointestinal complications and many others. Carrageenan, or seaweed extract, is a preservative used to maintain the thick, milky texture of yogurt and to keep contents from separating. It’s been linked to inflammation, ulcerations and even bleeding. It’s also received FDA approval to be used in USDA Certified Organic food.

These ingredients make for anything but a “healthy” product. In fact, if you eat them regularly, you could be doing more harm than good.

When you’re buying yogurt, look for products that have the USDA Certified Organic label. This is regulated by the USDA’s National Organic Program and must meet strict requirements.

Try to avoid buying products just because they say “all-natural.” This sounds really good but doesn’t mean anything because it’s completely unregulated.

Any business can use this label for advertising without changing any of their ingredients. It’s basically a loophole for companies trying to be part of the healthy, non-GMO food revolution without actually being healthy or non-GMO.

Look for yogurt brands that say “grass-fed, no added hormones” or, even better, “gluten-free.” Stonyfield Organic Greek yogurt uses NO toxic pesticides, artificial hormones or antibiotics. It’s also non-GMO and USDA Organic.

Popularity surrounding organic, non-GMO food has reached an all-time high but has also sparked the attention of food manufactures, and not always in a good way. Be skeptical when you see companies labeling their products as “all-natural,” especially major name brands like General Mills, Kraft Foods and PepsiCo. If possible, try to stick to items made by smaller companies interested in providing a healthy product through practices that often give back to the environment, rather than buying food filled with chemicals and packaged with lies.

Additional sources:


Beat the blues naturally


3 unexpected foods that can help you beat the blues

healthy happy

Turmeric capsules are available from :


by Carolanne Wright 

(NaturalNews) Who hasn’t, at one point or another, battled with depression? That unmistakable energy-zapping, soul-crushing and utterly unpleasant state. In these uncertain times of economic failure, joblessness and threats to home and food security, it’s no wonder rates of depression are on the rise. But before relying on risky pharmaceutical antidepressants, consider food-based solutions instead.

Nature’s antidepressants

A nutrient dense diet can go a long way in fending off, if not downright curing, fits of depression. Be that as it may, certain edibles are better at targeting the blues than others. The following three examples have shown exceptional promise in helping to defeat depressive mental states.

1. Fish. A diet low in omega-3 fatty acids has been linked with mood disorders like depression. If you would like to keep a bright outlook, fatty fish such as salmon, trout, sardines and mackerel are excellent choices. Everyday Health notes that “Japanese researchers found that a diet high in fish protects people from depression and suicide, while in Finland a team of researchers surveyed 1,767 residents and concluded that eating fish more than twice a week has a protective effect against suicide and depression.” If you are avoiding fish (or adhere to a vegetarian diet), plant-based sources of omega-3s include sacha inchi, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed and chia.


Turmeric 90 caps

Turmeric 90 caps


 Good news for all you curry fans out there — it turns out turmeric is superior to Prozac in treating depression. A groundbreaking study in Phytotherapy Research has shown that the bioactive component in turmeric, known as curcumin, “is both safe and effective in treating serious states of depression,” according to GreenMed Info. As an added perk, curcumin actually provides “side-benefits” — protective and healing attributes that go far beyond the management of depression. You can learn more here.

If using turmeric powder to enhance mental function and health, a small pinch of non-irradiated black pepper will improve bioavailability and absorption. Researchers have found that up to 8 grams of turmeric can be consumed per day without adverse effect.

3. Green Tea. Not only is green tea good for keeping the body healthy and fit, but it also encourages positive mental states. The secret lies with L-theanine — a naturally occurring amino acid in green tea that supports clarity while decreasing anxiety and depression. “They say Japanese Buddhist monks could meditate for hours, both alert and relaxed. One reason may have been an amino acid in their green tea called L-theanine,” said Mark Blumenthal, of the American Botanical Council, in the Health article, “19 Natural Remedies for Anxiety.”

One key distinction of the above foods is that they are all anti-inflammatory. Evidently when chronic, low-grade inflammation is present, our risk of depression increases substantially. Ultimately, getting to the root of inflammation is best for naturally eradicating depression. However, until the cause of inflammation is addressed thoroughly, fatty fish, turmeric and green tea can help take the edge off and balance moods.

Sources for this article include:

About the author:
Carolanne believes if we want to see change in the world, we need to be the change. As a nutritionist, natural foods chef and wellness coach, she has encouraged others to embrace a healthy lifestyle of green living for over 13 years. Through her website, she looks forward to connecting with other like-minded people who share a similar vision. 

Follow on Facebook:…

For Pinterest fans:

Find at Google+:

and Twitter: 

Read her other articles on Natural News here:

Deathly bugs and colloidal silver

A study by Public Health England found that most bacteria carrying the NDM enzyme were resistent to the 'last resort' antibiotics

2:40PM BST 28 Apr 2014

Superbug NDM could ‘change face of healthcare’ experts warn
Cases of a superbug that can break down antibiotics and could ‘change the face of healthcare as we know it’ have risen exponentially in the last five years, Government experts warn.
A study by Public Health England found that most bacteria carrying the NDM enzyme were resistent to the ‘last resort’ antibiotics

Only one drug, from the 1950s, remains effective against infections carrying New Delhi metallo, and it will soon become resistant to that as well, researchers said.
Government scientists revealed samples of NDM in the UK have increased from 6 in 2008 to 148 in 2013.
They warned the bug has the potential to change the face of healthcare as we know it, by making many routine operations and cancer treatments too dangerous and mean everyday infections
become life-threatening.
The bug was imported into the UK by patients having surgery and other medical treatments in India.
study by Public Health England found that most bacteria carrying the NDM enzyme wereresistent to the ‘last resort’ antibiotics called carbapenems and three quarters of samples were resistant to another group of powerful antibiotics.
One drug, colistin, did work against nine out of ten samples of NDM. However this drug, developed in the 1950s, will only work for a limited time as resistance will eventually develop against this too, it was warned.

Professor Anthony Kessel, Director of Public Health Strategy at PHE, said: “The results of this study are a stark reminder of the issue that we are facing with the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. Having only one antibiotic available for treating patients with this resistance mechanism and limited effectiveness with a further three represents a great challenge for the future of healthcare as we know it.
“PHE has a comprehensive programme of work to tackle antibiotic resistance that contributes to the new cross-government national strategy. We are actively working with our stakeholders to address the issue of resistance head on as this is one of the most pressing ealthcare issues of our time.”

This paper is published online in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. Professor Neil Woodford, Head of the Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated
Infections Reference Unit at PHE, said: “Since it was the first recognised in 2008, the NDM resistance mechanism has spread around the world and into many different types of bacteria, which
remain susceptible to very few antibiotics.
“This shows both the enormous international challenge in tackling antibiotic resistance and the gravity of the situation for treating serious infections. “Some affected UK patients had travel-related risk factors, but cases in the community setting show the potential for these resistant bacteria to spread even further. “We are right to be worried, this organism is in the premiership of superbugs.”

Most bacteria with the NDM enzymes were Klebsiella, followed by E. coli. Most of us carry these bacteria harmlessly in our guts, but they can cause infections if they get into the bloodstream or urinary tract. There are a number of different resistance mechanisms and these make reatment much harder.

Four out of ten patients with NDM had not travelled to India and are thought to have caught it in the UK.
© Copyright of Telegraph Media Group Limited 2014


Yes, generally speaking, colloidal silver is effective against these new drug-resistant superbugs. For example, see the following articles:

Colloidal Silver and the Deadly Super-pathogen CRKP

Colloidal Silver Versus Antibiotic-Resistant CRE

Colloidal Silver v/s the Drug-Resistant Superbugs


Steve Barwick’s Colloidal Silver Secrets Community

Yes, generally speaking, colloidal silver is effective against these new drug-resistant superbugs. For example, see the following articles:

Colloidal Silver and the Deadly Super-pathogen CRKP

Colloidal Silver Versus Antibiotic-Resistant CRE

Colloidal Silver v/s the Drug-Resistant Superbugs


Colloidal silver 500ml

Colloidal silver 500ml


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