Maize product – non GMO

Yay  a South African, fair trade,

non-GMO maize product

We produce a Gieliemeel Polenta – A Yellow Course Mieliemeel – Milled in a mill that dates back to 1927.
  • No preservatives – No additives.
  • Local subsistence farmer crops – African Seed – GM-free (as far as possible – cross pollination under control due to location).
  • Germ and fibre intact.
  • No cholestrol.
  • Low in sodium.
  • High in magnesium, Phosphorus, Thiamin
  • and Vitamin C.
Available from:

2 Comments on “Maize product – non GMO”

  1. Erika Fletcher says:

    Hi there, very interested to buy any gmo free maize porridge, mieliemeel. Would be interested to buy in larger quantities as my friends also looking. Are you in gauteng and if not how does delivery work as the postal system very unreliable. Thanks very much
    Erika Fletcher

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