Shingles – natural remedy

Shingles – natural remedy

Just in, from a friend who successfully treated a recent case of shingles.

She first noticed little “pimples” which became painful.

The remedy which apparently should be applied immediately, within the first 24

hours of shingles appearing :


She swabbed the affected area with good quality apple cider vinegar and

it cleared up immediately.

Yvonne (at BIO-SIL)

We have also successfully used our colloidal silver, healing gel and zeolite paste.


2 Comments on “Shingles – natural remedy”

  1. DrMari Jordi says:

    Thank you for your very interesting article.

    I have recently had excellent results with Shingles Go, a product from Natural-Health.

    A patient reported an 80% reduction of the post herpes neuralgia within 24 hrs of use of Shingles GO. I have found Shingles Go an excellent product to treat the shingles virus and pain. I recommend it with absolute confidence.

    Thank you once again for your article and information

  2. Alva Mormino says:

    Shingles can be easily transmitted from person to person through personal contact. So it is best to avoid contact to someone who got shingles. ,;*.”

    Our very own web-site

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