Horses and Flies – simple remedy

Glitter – fly repellant

The Pet Whisperer

I just got this really cool idea from a fellow friend and holistic veterinarian, Dr Louie and I would like to share with you all.

Please pay it forward and prevent more CHEMICALS and DRUGS from damaging our friends the animals and our beautiful planet. Namaste. Dr B and Dr. Louie

I spoke to some colleagues who work in the horse world a week or so ago and they recounted a series of reports and on farm experiences using glitter (you know, sparkle dust, craft glitter…..) on horses as an effective fly repellent.

Apparently the flies see the glitter as some sort of predator beast and avoid the animal. The folks with whom I have spoken say not only do the horses have far fewer flies, but the areas in the stables where these animals are in cross ties and stalled overnight have fewer flies.

Apparently a dusting on the topline is sufficient – though, as yet, my personal practical experience with this is limited. I’ll let you know once I get with my stock….. I’d think that putting it in some sort of flour shaker/wide holed salt shaker would suffice.

I do not know if the colour of the glitter makes a difference. The horse people to whom I have spoken said they most often see silver on the horses….. and a friend of mine is experimenting w/ various colours on the horses in her barn…..

There are places that supply glitter in 25 pound boxes, too….. and also half pound and pond containers. Google/bing bulk glitter and you’ll find several choices.


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