Black Salve for Cancer

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“How Black Salve is Being Used to
Treat Breast Cancer in the 21st Century”

with Naturopath Adrian Jones

Only AUD$13.20

Instant Download

This comprehensive e-book by Naturopath Adrian Jones (featured in Elaine Hollingsworth’s DVD “One Answer to Cancer”) covers all of your fears, questions and more that arise from using Black Salve on breast cancers.

Table of Contents

2 Disclaimer
3 A Two-Fold Dedication
4 Acknowledgements
5 About the Author
8 My own Story
9 Observations
11 What You’re Up Against
12 Be Not Afraid
13 Breast Applications
14 Breast Cancer

  • Staging
  • Histopathology
  • Grade
  • Receptor Status
15 Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer
16 What cause Breast Cancer
17 Breast Screening
18 Problems with mammography
20 Diagnosis : Biopsy
21 But is the Biopsy Procedure Safe?
23 Medical Treatment Protocols

  • Surgery
  • Medications (Drugs)
  • Radiation
25 Hallowed Turf?
26 Why Seek an Alternative Treatment?
27 Prognosis
28 Pointing the Bone
29 Application to the Breast
30 Important Note: Biopsy
30 Applying the Black Salve
30 The SALVE: What is It?

  • A Myth Dispelled
  • So How Does the Black Salve Actually Work?
  • Cancer Cell Specificity
  • Nature’s Scalpel
36 How Long Does it Take to Heal?
37 A New Diagnostic?

  • Pause for a Moment
  • The Salve
  • When should I apply it?
  • Preparation
  • Where to place the Salve
  • How much do I use?
  • How do I apply it?
  • How do I look after the dressing?
  • How long do I keep it on?
  • What if the salve comes off before 24 hours?
42 Will I Become Incapacitated?
44 Contraindications
45 What if the Tumor Appears Unchanged after Treatment?
47 Post Salve Care of the Resultant Wound
49 How Will I Know whe / if it has all gone?
50 Written Authentication of Effectiveness of Treatment
51 What if it Comes Back?

Dealing with any type of cancer can be a scary experience if you want someone to hold your hand during the process, someone with  experience, someone who can give you that peace of mind that going the natural way was a good decision, than call Adrian Jones today, he is available now to be beside you all of the way. For more details ‘Click Here’.

“How Black Salve is Being Used to
Treat Breast Cancer in the 21st Century”

with Naturopath Adrian Jones

Only AUD$13.20

Instant Download


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