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Michael Hebert (Facebook)

A friend asked me how to “hack the matrix.”

This is essentially asking me to write a novel.

That’s probably the biggest question anyone could ever ask.

Well, I answered it and here’s my answer:

What is reality?

Alright, so the first thing that a person has to do is realize that everything is energy. Our bodies are nothing more than biological computers. We decode reality much in the same way that a TV can decode radio waves broadcasting from at TV tower. We know there aren’t literally football players and soap operas floating through the air or through the cables to get to our TV’s, yet there they are on the screen. Reality is, like Morpheus said in The Matrix, nothing more than electrical signals interpreted by our brain.

We have been deceived and altered on the genetic level over centuries to keep us from expanding our awareness from the “solid” 3D world that most people perceive this to be, when it is anything but solid. In fact, nothing is solid! We only perceive it to be so! This is because everything in the universe is made up of atoms, yet atoms have no solidity, therefore, nothing they are made up of can be solid. This is the conundrum that mainstream science keeps running into when they try to figure out the nature of the universe, well I think I can lend them a hand, IT’S NOT SOLID!

When a hypnotist has a person on stage biting into a potato and tasting an apple, it’s because he has programmed her mind into decoding the potato AS an apple, therefore, in her perceived reality, the potato is in fact an apple! Another example of this is when a man was on stage and was hypnotized to not see his daughter who was standing right in front of him. The hypnotist held his watch behind the girl’s back and the father read it. This was because the father’s mind was re-programmed so that he could not decode his daughter in the room. This is so because his daughter is nothing but energy in the first place! We all are. He just couldn’t decode the energy in front of him into the person that was really standing there.

Of course, this raises the question of,

“Who or what are we?”

The universe has a single purpose, and many in mainstream science now believe this to be true, and that is to experience and learn about itself. The universe is literally infinite consciousness. This consciousness is what many people often refer to as “God” or many other names. The energy that all things are made of is the energy of consciousness itself. We are all of the same consciousness experiencing itself through different lenses of experience. Michael Hebert is not who I am, Michael Hebert is my experience; I have had many before this and so have you. We just cannot remember any of our prior experiences. It’s like when a computer breaks down and you can’t use it to access the internet anymore, so you simply move to another computer. The new computer has no recollection of what the old computer did, but the user does. That is why people are able to recall past lives when they are put under a process called “Past Life Regression.” The person is looking inward, where all truth resides, and is able to recall these past lives through the eye of their higher self.

The higher self is the “real” you

Many people who have had near-death experiences often describe the same kinds of experiences. They often describe the feeling of being free, being able to be at all places at once, being able to see people’s thoughts, etc. They then often talk about how they meet this bright entity that has an amazing sense of humor and shows unconditional love. The person then talks about how they “see their lives flash before their eyes”. They talk about “re-living” every single moment in their lives as if it were in fast forward and they mention feeling everything that everyone they were involved with felt as a result of their impact on other people. A lot of these things aren’t things to be proud of and make the person feel terrible for their past actions, but then the entity makes them feel that no matter what terrible things they might have done in their lives, they are forgiven and still loved unconditionally. They say that when you encounter an entity who is willing to love you after knowing everything you’ve ever done or said, you don’t ever want to leave. This experience is believed to be the person coming face to face with their self… their higher self!

Why is unconditional love important?

Unconditional love is what this universe, this infinite consciousness we are all a part of, was sparked from. It’s what consciousness is made of. It’s more than just a chemical reaction in the brain. When you feel unconditional love, or when someone does something that shows they love you do matter what, where do you feel it? You feel it in your chest (the heart).

There are two reasons for this

One: Because the human body actually has three “brains”, areas laced with neural tissues, the brain itself, the heart, and the pit of your stomach, otherwise known as your “center”.

The heart is supposedly where your “soul” or “higher self” resides. Your heart, and a gland in your brain called the Pineal Gland, are the body’s connection to consciousness. When you feel unconditional love, or “the warm fuzzies”, that is felt in your heart chakra (one of seven primary energy junctions in the body). This is your higher self shining through.

Two: The pineal gland is also very important. Inside the pineal gland is nothing but water. What makes this water special is that it is constantly in a state of flux. It is constantly inverting itself between space-time and time-space. Think of time-space as like the inverted version of what we see reality as. This is the connection to consciousness in the brain. Without the pineal gland, we would only be empty shells.

Keep humanity dumbed down

Lots of the shit (and I use that term strongly) that they put in our food and drink not only keep us dumbed down and unable to think as sharply as we normally could, but it also calcifies the pineal gland. The pineal gland is supposed to be soft and malleable, however, certain ingredients we normally take in daily cause the gland to harden, making us unable to reach our full potential.

Aspartame is a real nasty one. It is a sugar substitute found in most diet soft drinks. I have also found it in that nasty “Stars and Stripes” generic soda they sell at the dollar store. Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar and much more lethal. They actually tell pilots in the military not to consume soft drinks before flying because it can impair their response capability! Gee, you think it’s bad for you??

Another deviant they constantly throw at us is fluoride. As you know, this is found in most toothpaste containers as well as in our drinking water, depending on where you live. The fact of the matter is, fluoride is actually a toxic waste product. It eats through concrete and dumbs us down like nothing else, and is second to none when it comes to calcifying the pineal gland. You can actually find fluoride water filters for tap water online, though they don’t come cheap. You can also go to just about any organic market and buy fluoride-free toothpaste.


Fact: Hitler put fluoride in the water in Auschwitz to keep the Jewish people dumbed down and docile. Sound familiar?

Multiple Sclerosis

Eliminating things like these from your diet can drastically improve not only your health and mental clarity, but also your connection to consciousness since your pineal gland, as a result, would return to its natural state. For example, I NO LONGER HAVE Multiple Sclerosis. I have been off the medication for about eight months and I am doing better than ever. They say it isn’t curable. Yeah, just like cancer isn’t curable. (they both are and have been for quite some time.) On a side note, a medical journal produced recently by the AMA (American Medical Association) has announced that it has been discovered that Beta-Seron and Rebif, the two leading drugs for MS, have been irrefutably proven not to help the disease in any way.

When you realize that everything is simply waveform energy decoded by your brain, anything is possible, including the curing of so-called “incurable” diseases like the one I had.


I’m sure you’re probably asking how I not only went about actually DOING that, but also am able to heal wounds and make good things happen to me almost constantly. THAT, my friend, is the secret, the key to life. 😉

First, it is important not to be carrying any kind of drama or negativity of any kind.

This acts as an inhibitor and not only pulls you down, but also disrupts your ability to connect to consciousness seeing as it is the polar opposite of what consciousness is. You need to clear your life of any and all negative or dark aspects you may be carrying around with you. Once you have dealt with these things, you can finally take a step forward to make life work for you, instead of the other way around. If you are forgiving, willing to turn the other cheek (realizing that the actions of a person who has done you wrong are only bringing themselves down), and willing to love unconditionally, not only everyone, but everything, THEN you have found the key to it all. THIS is the stuff that life is made of and THIS is the stuff that will shape your life they way you want it to be shaped.

When you have what is called “intent,” when you say to yourself, “I want THIS!” What you are actually doing is putting out an energy field that will eventually bring things into your life, whether it be people, places, things, or ideas, that are necessary to achieve the desired result. It’s like a trail of bread crumbs or puzzle pieces. A piece here, a piece there, a personal interaction here, leading to an experience there, leading to a thing here, leading to an idea there… until eventually, sure enough, the universe works in your favor!

Now, this is great and all, but it’s not so cut-and-dry. You can’t go, “I want a Ferrari” and expect a Ferrari. You could paint pictures of Ferraris all over your house, it isn’t gonna happen. It has to be something feasible, simple, something you are realistically able to achieve, and rooted in love. That last one IS important.

If you don’t put the feeling of love behind the intent, you’re just spinning your tires and not getting anywhere. Love is what we call the energy of the universe. It sounds airy fairy, I know, but that is the reality of it.

That is how good things always happen to me,

but what about the healing?

That works a little differently. I have always had an abundance of healing energy, ever since I had my first experience with energy when I was 14. Everyone can do it however. We are all capable of tapping into these energies of love and creation (because they are literally the same thing, they are just words we put to the same concept. Love = Creation).

Part of that is clearing out the pineal gland, part of it is clearing out all the negativity and drama in your life (as I stated before),

part of it is meditation (though some people may not require it to achieve this, though meditation connects you to your higher self and certainly helps), and

part of it is simply realizing that everything is energy.

When you really come to grips with this realization and your pineal gland isn’t nailed to the floor with all the garbage people take in on a day-to-day basis, you will begin to decode (sometimes even through your sight) this energy.

If you are able to see it, you can see it in different ways depending on who you are. For example, I can see not only floaty wisps of yellowish-white light/staticy-looking particles (the aura) emanating from people (and animals… and trees… and rocks…) but I also am able to see a distinct buzz in the air. It looks kind of like a yellowish-white “TV static” filling the air. Hard to get away from the stuff when the entire universe is made of it. Some people can see this energy in different colors, though I have yet to do so. I am also beginning to see these strange outlines around buildings, cars and other structures that appears white and yet black at the same time if that makes any sense. I don’t know what the significance of this is, but hey, I’m seeing it.

Self Healing

When I heal myself, I hold a hand over the affected area (I usually don’t make contact with the skin, I let the energy do the work). As I slowly breathe in deeply through my nose, I envision drawing energy in from around me. As I slowly exhale, I envision this energy leaving my palms, being accepted into the affected area.

A good way to envision this to imagine your energy as either green/white/golden light, plus signs, whatever works for you. As the energy goes in, I envision negative energy (like pain) being expelled from the affected area. This could be a dark color, a minus sign… again, whatever works for you.

Healing another

When healing another person, it works much the same way, only it is a cooperative experience. You cannot possibly heal someone who either does not want to be healed or does not believe it to be possible. Everyone creates their own reality and if there is a conflict between the two parties then nothing will result from the attempted healing process. Try to get the other person to envision the same things you do, or something similar, again, whatever works for them. Just as long as it’s in tandem with what you’re doing. Have them breathe slowly and deeply, as should you. Tell them to take similar steps to the ones described above, as you should both be focusing on the same thing, more or less. You both need to be nice and relaxed.

Whether you are healing yourself or someone else, it is VERY important to remember a technique called “Grounding.” This is done prior to using energy in any way, otherwise you are spending your own energy and often times results in what many people refer to as “burnout.” With burnout, your hands often feel clammy and your bones, skin, etc. feel lifeless and brittle in the area from which you were projecting the energy.

I have SO much more I could talk about in this area, but for now, I will let you digest what I have said so far. It’s a lot to take in.


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  1. Holly Brooks says:

    You have articulated this beautifully, thank you so much.

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