… and another cancer cure!

Dominic Le Prevost (Facebook)

Another testimony from someone who got cancer and got informed. Cannabis can treat all types of dis-ease.

It’s happening all around the world. And my group has over 1,100 members who are working to spread this information.

Believe it, or not….

“I was cured of Stage 4 Colon Cancer that had metastasized to my ovary, plus had an Unknown primary, very rare type of Cancer, no cure they said.

After they almost killed me with surgery and Chemo, I was told nothing else could be done for me.

This was dealing with Duke (University).

I introduced my body to the cannabis oil in August of 2011; within a month my numbers started coming down, and tumors started leaving, several months later I got the all CLEAR CT Scan!!

As I have continued to take the oil, it has leveled out my blood pressure, taken away the pain from fibromyalgia, and also has gotten me out of a 15 yr. slump with chronic fatigue. Today I live.”

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