Cholesterol is vital to our health! Cancer, burns ……

Please watch Dr Coldwell’s video regarding

Cancer  Curing, Burns, Salt and Cholesterol, blowing away many

myths and false information that we have been blindsided with over the years!!

Dr. Leonard Coldwell is the world’s leading authority for Cancer cures, Stress-Related Illness, and Burnout Syndrome, and is the most successful motivational and success trainer of our time.

He is the author of 19 bestselling books including his mega best sellers: The Only Answer to Cancer, and The Only Answer to Surviving Your Illness and Your Doctor. Over 57 million readers enjoy his teachings. His IBMS Stress Reduction CD set is the most endorsed and most sold of all times. Discovering his gifts at a very early age, he single-handedly cured his own mother from Hepatitis C, Liver Cirrhosis, and liver cancer – a near impossible feat since she had been given a diagnosis of a terminal state and a prognosis of only 6 months to live. Today, 42 years later, she is still alive and healthy! Throughout Dr. Coldwell’s successful career, he has to date, cured over 35,000 cancer patients (studies have proven a 92.3% cancer cure rate). Recognizing the need to educate the loved ones of his cancer patients, Dr. Coldwell became the most loved and highest paid success and motivational speaker in the world. Dr. Leonard Coldwell has provided training to the largest companies in the world including IBM, Deutsche Bank – Deutscher Herold; and helped build the largest financial consulting company in Europe, DVAG.

Dr. Coldwell is the most endorsed and integrated natural Doctor in the world, having earned 4 doctor degrees and 4 PHDs. He recently received an honorary doctor degree in Humanity from the University in Louisiana for his achievements for cancer patients and for the improvement of quality of life for humans. Over 3.4 million seminar attendees have attended Dr. Coldwell’s live presentations; and over 50 million people have seen him on television, or have heard him on radio shows such as Coast to Coast, or as the keynote speaker for the largest Health Education Organization, the Health Freedom Expo.

Dr Coldwell’s patriotism is virtually unmatched. He was leading the Support for our troops with his phenomenal speech for Rally for the Troops – Lets Freedom in at the Joe Riley stadium in Charleston South Carolina in front of over 5000 veterans life and his speech was the only one the was ever broadcasted worldwide by clear channel radio and repeated multiple times on popular demand.

Congressman Joe Wilson wrote: “Best wishes to my good friend Dr Leonard Coldwell, appreciate your promotion of democracy. Warmest regards Joe Wilson Member of Congress. “

The most endorsed Natural Doctor of all times, Dr. Coldwell’s videos about health and happiness have been viewed millions of times. Nearly all significant authorities in the health, and motivation and success training worlds endorse Dr. Coldwell, including well-known authorities Dr. Rima Laibow, MD, and General Albert Subblebein (Largest health freedom organization in the world; two time- Congressman and success trainer Ed Forman; Dr. Betty Martini, the world’s leading authority on the toxicity of Aspartame; as well as Sheriff Richard Mack and countless other world leading experts. Hundreds of thousands of written and video testimonials can be viewed on his website at Look for his new TV station at Dr. Coldwell has appeared on hundreds of TV and Radio programs earning the title of the World’s Highest Paid Speaker.

Dr. Coldwell’s system for healing is the Instinct Based Medicine System®, (or IBMS®): the system for eliminating the root cause of all disease.

– Introduction into the most powerful self-healing system in the world, The IMBS® – Instinct Based Medicine System®:

Dr. Leonard Coldwell (19 times Mega Bestselling author, the world’s leading authority for Cancer cures based on independent studies performed and substantiated by the Dr. Hohn Institute for medical research, with an historical cancer cure rate of 92.3%, and with over 3.4 million seminar attendees plus over 57 million readers), will introduce you into the Secrets of the IMBS® system and his historical protocols. Dr. Leonard Coldwell, the author of The Only Answer to Cancer (now in its 8th printing within 21 months) will show you how he worked historically to identify and eliminate the root cause of all disease in his patients. Dr. Coldwell is the author of thousands of publications as well as almost 300 self-help programs available on CD or DVD.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell (better known as ” Dr. C ” ) is the most endorsed natural doctor in the world by his colleagues and nearly everyone who is anyone in the world of natural Health and the Health Freedom movement. Dr. C is, for most experts, the world’s leading authority for Natural Cancer Cures, Stress Related Illness and Burnout Syndrome.

As one of his exclusive students, he will teach you his secrets for the world’s most endorsed and sought after self-help and stress reduction system he has created, the IMBS® system.

Learn from someone who has, based on clinical studies performed and verified, cured cancer in over 35,000 patients, most of which were classified as in final, terminal stages. His first cure was that of his mother who had developed Hepatitis C, Liver Cirrhosis, and terminal Liver Cancer with a prognosis of just 6 months to live and no hope of improvement. Today, over 40 years later, Dr. C’s mother is still alive and a perfectly healthy 76!

Take advantage of the opportunity to see Dr. Coldwell live at the HFE …otherwise, apply to be on his three-year waiting list. At the HFE, you’ll be given the opportunity to learn about being accepted into his exclusive training to become an IMBS® Self-Help and Health Education and Stress Reduction Coach (being offered to the public for the first time in America – now is your chance to become a part of History in the making with this revolutionary healing system)

More information can be found at: and:

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