Ho’opono – lovely healing and clearing process

Ho’oponopono Cleansing

Memories Within


Please click here to watch the video :



Erika L Soul
Erika L Soul

As you watch this video you can focus on any problem, issue, relationship or concern and the healing images will assist you in letting go of the memories that created the problem memory. Feel the peace of the words and music take you to the clear zero state of freedom, free from being run by past memories and beliefs . Alot of the images are ho’oponopono cleaning tools that you can eat or have around you .

To visit my website’s Ho’oponopono resources page with links to many ho’oponopono websites and info visit ~

To copy and save some of these images check out Photos on my Ho’oponopono Lovers facebook wall and join if you wish to receive posts

The recording by Al Mc Allister saying the Ho’oponopono phrases, “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you” can be downloaded from my Rainbow Healings website page
* Al’s website is at: http://www.hooponopono.ws

Michael Woolcock is the tech creator of this video and has his own Spiritual Art and Poetry website athttp://www.awakeningdreams.com

Aimee Rousseau’s Healing paintings infused with ho’oponopono cleaning energy are the painted fruits, flowers and butterflies in the video . From the link below you can read up about each painting and what its clearing on in you and the story behind each one , you can buy these as cards and prints and in a calendar from her wonderful website

Erika L Soul




Please click here to watch the video :




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