Kefir grains and kombucha available in South Africa!

Kefir Grains

So many people have enquired and at last we have sourced a Pretoria supplier of the following :

A glass of kefir at a Polish cafe in London.

The prices are as follow:


R150 for wet grains,

R120 for the dry ones,

R100 for milk kefir plants


Kombucha is R100,

Delivery service per order is  R100, usually within 24 hours



Please contact Ronalda directly :

Cellie : 072 606 1091


Sangjine advice regarding precious kefir grains :

Don’t Rinse Your Kefir Grains!


I get so many emails from people, who in attempt to help their kefir grains, will rinse them in cool water. You should NEVER EVER EVER do this. It damages them and rinses off the protective bacteria that makes them thrive. So many times they will either die, or stop reproducing or not make kefir very well after rinsing. Some kefir grains will survive this and be ok, but it still slows them down and damages them and gives me huge amounts of anxiety.

The coating of milk around the kefir grains protects them and makes them strong. Think of it this way. It is like walking around naked in a snowstorm. They need this coating to reproduce themselves, and protect themselves, because of the combination of bacteria and yeast they make up the composition of kefir grains. Rinsing them washes this away.

If you need to change milks then rinse them in the milk you are changing them too. You really don’t need to rinse them at all, but if you want to rinse them. Rinse them in fresh milk.

Please don’t rinse them. I am trying not to shout and put this in all caps, because I understand people just don’t realize that this could hurt them. I am slightly over protective of these microorganisms. I am trying to insure that these little kefir grains stay around and thrive. We need them to help us live and thrive. I’ve been labeled the kefir police, and decided I am ok with this. Somebody has to do it.

These little kefir grains changed my life, and I will go to great lengths to protect them. They sit on my counter and work on my behalf day after day and never charge me a dime. They do the work and I receive the benefits.  Just doesn’t get any better than that for me. I love them and I just don’t care if people think I’m crazy.

Resist the temptation to rinse them and tell your friends Donna said so. I will sleep so much better at night if you do. Tortures me when people tell me they’ve rinsed their kefir grains.


24 Comments on “Kefir grains and kombucha available in South Africa!”

  1. sudika says:

    looking for kefir supplier in pietermaritzburg

  2. Eve How says:

    Can anyone help…. can Kombucha tea culture be contaminated by other bacteria’s making it unsafe to consume the tea. There was a scare regarding this years ago and I ended up dumping my precious culture.

  3. amlcfnetAna says:

    Hi all if you go t0 this webpage you might find someone in your area and most are giving it for free,

  4. Zandra says:

    hi there, where in Johannesburg and KZN can we buy the nylon sieves – battling to get them

    • BIO-SIL says:

      Hi there! What I have found works perfectly is plastic colanders and silicone equipment. I also use a fine netting for straining. I recently found a very fine filtration fabric which is great. I hope that helps. Will be posting on the FB page PRETTY PICKLED soon how I have been making the most divine cream cheese with milk kefir! 🙂

      • Zandra says:

        thanks for the reply, but won’t the small grains fall through the colander?

      • BIO-SIL says:

        No, I have a plastic colander with small enough holes that this doesn’t happen! You could always line the colander with a piece of netting. Just remember no metal and don’t wash the grains with water! 🙂

  5. cynthia ross says:

    I am looking for a kefir stockist in port Alfred / Grahamstown area.
    Cynthia at e-mail

  6. Linda says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a supplier for kefir in the North West area.

  7. Esh says:

    Can we get the Water Kefir in jhb and how much? is it the same the the normal Kefir? (im not a big milk drinker)

  8. Allan says:

    Hi I am looking for a supplier in the Durban area. Does anyone know of one?

  9. Dani'yal says:

    Hi there, do you supply in cape town also?

  10. Pieter says:

    Yes I used The Pro Health shop, it is lovely.. I try to drink everyday…!

  11. Elza Edelson says:

    where can I buy water kefir grains in South AFrica

    • BIO-SIL says:

      There have been a couple of responses on the kefir pages from SA suppliers, with their contact details 🙂

      • Karolien says:

        I am a supplier of Kefir Grains in the Humansdorp, St Francis, Jefferys Bay area in the Eastern Cape. I can also supply Kombucha. Please call Karo at 0828954608 OR leave a message on 042 2951417

      • BIO-SIL says:

        Hi hi – oh that is fantastic – I will post your information on our PRETTY PICKLED FB page as many people have been asking – the good word is spreading. 🙂

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