Chemo fails 97% of the time

Medical Doctor Peter Glidden explains that the only reason chemotherapy is still being recommended is that doctors make a lot of money from it, as it is the only classification of drugs in which the doctor receives a direct commission. The fact is that chemotherapy just doesn’t work, and if you have cancer you need to instead undergo one of the more natural therapies with a high success rate.


dr, glidden, youngevity,, naturopath, healing is easyAbout Dr. Glidden

An outspoken advocate ofHolistic Health, Dr. Glidden has lectured to thousands of people over the last 2 decades. He delivers over 60 Free Lectures each year, and is a regular speaker at Health Freedom Expo & Youngevity Regional Meetings. He has appeared on TV, is a regular guest host of the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” Health Talk radio program, and gives free weekly seminars via the internet. His new book, The MD Emperor Has No Clothes, is an eye-opening, groundbreaking, jaw dropping exposition on the shortcomings of conventional MD directed medicine and the unrivaled excellence of Holistic health supporting strategies.

1987: BS from University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA.

1991: ND from Bastyr University, Seattle WA.

1992: Licensed to practice Naturopathic medicine.

1987 – Present: Member – American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

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