Original Clear Healing Gel


2 Comments on “Original Clear Healing Gel”

  1. Christinah DIck says:

    what is the gel for

    • BIO-SIL says:

      This is a concentrated, pure colloidal silver gel which can be applied to burns, wounds, scratches and cuts.

      It is effective for numerous other conditions, such as:
      * insect bites, boils, burns, eczema, haemorrhoids, rashes, stings and sunburn.
      * Gentle and healing for shingles and chicken pox.
      * Can be applied as frequently as desired.
      * Best used in conjunction with BIO-SIL Colloidal Silver (which can be taken internally and also be sprayed onto the affected area).
      Inexpensive misting nozzles for the bottles are available for this purpose.
      It is recommended that a little gel be applied to a test patch of skin to check for any possible hyper-allergic reactions (unlikely!)

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