How to treat bipolar disorder & manic depression naturally

How to treat bipolar disorder & manic depression naturally

Expert advice from John Gray (Mars / Venus books)

Diatomaceous Earth (D/E) – wonderful benefits



by jill winger
The Prairie Homestead

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Diatomaceous earth


DE powder


Do you want an effortless way to detox your body?

Do you know someone who would like to lower their blood pressure?

Would you like to have natural parasite protection for your pets and livestock?


What is Diatomaceous Earth?


DE crystals


Diatomaceous earth technically comes from the cell walls of fossilized single-cell diatoms – essentially, it’s a fossil, ground into a very fine powder. There are two general types of diatomaceous earth: food grade and industrial grade. While industrial grade is toxic to humans and pets, food grade diatomaceous earth is non-toxic and very beneficial on multiple levels, and is the type referenced here.

Diatomaceous earth exhibits some interesting properties:

When viewed through a microscope, it looks like a hollow cylinder, with holes throughout the side.
It carries a strong negative charge. If you’ll recall your science lessons, you’ll remember that negatively charged ions are attracted to positively charged ions.
Therefore, when taken internally, the diatomaceous earth attracts and absorbs positively-charged pathogens into its cylinder – it absorbs the things we want to stay away from, like viruses, pathogenic fungi and bacteria, heavy metals, prescription drug residues, pesticides, parasites, radiation, and the like – and sweeps them out of our bodies.
Diatomaceous earth is also very hard. On a scale of “hardness”, if diamonds were a 9, diatomaceous earth would be a 7. This helps us too – as this powder makes its way through our digestive tract, it gently “scrubs” the packed-on residue we have there and sweeps it out of our bodies. Nice, diatoms!
Also, because of this quality, it is very sharp.

Organisms such as parasites, lurking in our intestines, are sliced up and killed, and swept away when we empty our bowels, and we are left unharmed.
The last quality is also powerful: food grade diatomaceous earth is 84% silica, and contains some 20 trace minerals. Did you know life can’t exist without silica? It is essential for the building of healthy bones and teeth, skin, hair, and nails. As our mineral resources are getting depleted, our food is containing less and less silica. Do yourself a favor and add this divine diatom to your diet.

If you have silicone or metal implants it is recommended that you check with your health professional before taking D/E internally.


How to Use Diatomaceous Earth?


To take diatomaceous earth, all you have to do is mix a spoonful into some water or other liquid, and drink. Follow with another cup of water. (Diatomaceous earth can make you thirsty – make sure and drink plenty of water while using this supplement.) It’s that easy! You can also add it to smoothies – it’s totally undetected that way.

Dosage (NOTE: We are not doctors, please use DE with discretion): If you are just beginning your diatomaceous earth journey, start with a teaspoon mixed in liquid, as I’ve detailed above, once a day. Slowly increase to twice a day, and then slowly increase the amount taken, up to a heaping tablespoon, and up to three times a day.

Please progress slowly. Diatomaceous earth is a way to detox your body, and if you start with too much, your body will get rid of toxins too quickly and leave you feeling under the weather. Yes, it really does work that well! If you start experiencing light headaches, you’ll know you took it a little fast. But don’t stop altogether, just do yourself a favor and take it slowly – no need to rush.

Pregnant and nursing mamas, you’re in the clear – diatomaceous earth can be safely taken during either stage. Just be sure to drink plenty of water. It is also fine for children to take in smaller doses. My children get their DE in their smoothies.

How does it taste? Well, if you want to know the truth, you’ll feel like you just licked a mud puddle!  Another way to take it:  mix a spoonful with about six ounces of coconut water and add 1/2 a teaspoon of honey. Mmmm, it’s delicious! The honey is optional; it tastes great without it as well. You could also try taking it with fresh vegetable juice, whatever works for you.

DE glass

Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Since it sweeps out foreign matter, you will begin to notice better nutrient absorption and less fatigue.
Studies show that DE can help your body lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. Believe it or not, some users report a 40-60 point drop in blood pressure points after only a month of use.

The beauty mineral: the silica in DE helps hair and nails grow faster.

(Since I’ve started taking it, my nails have turned from flimsy to hard as a rock. My hair, which partially fell out earlier this year due to a difficult surgery recovery, has begun filling in nicely. I have read many, many testimonies of people who have reported that it reversed their baldness. The silica also helps reduce wrinkles, age spots, and acne, and it also strengthens teeth and bones, tendons, and joints.)
Metal detoxification: since DE sweeps heavy metals out of the body, this is helpful especially to those with heavy metal poisoning or mercury fillings, which leach mercury constantly into the body. Aluminum is also swept out, lowering the risk for Alzheimer’s disease.
Helps repair and maintain lung function, acts as a cough decreasing agent
Helps prevent kidney stones, osteoporosis,
Decreases vertigo, tinnitus, and insomnia
Regulates bowel movements, lessens gastrointestinal inflammation, cleans out the colon, treats both diarrhea and constipation. It is a great choice for families on the GAPS diet!
Treats head lice and fleas (ensure the powder is not inhalred)

DE pets
How to Use Diatomaceous Earth forAnimals

It’s true – your pets and livestock will reap the benefits as well.

Sprinkle a little DE on your pets’ food daily for the same benefits you receive. This is a great de-wormer!
Carefully sprinkle onto your pets’ and livestock’s coats – making sure none is inhaled – for protection from lice, ticks and fleas.
Sprinkle in the kitty litter box and pet beds for extra odor and flea protection.
Sprinkle in your barn, stalls, nesting areas, and coops for pest protection.
Decreased mastitis and increased milk production in livestock with internal use. Causes healthier coat and hooves.
Better and stronger eggs produced by hens who have it sprinkled in their feed.
For dosage instructions and more benefits, visit this page.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth Around Your Home

Sprinkle around windows and entrances to protect from ants, spiders, and even scorpions. (The DE scrapes their exoskeleton and dries it out, leaving them dead.)
Sprinkle a ring around your garden plants for protection from garden pests. (Do realize, though, that DE kills beneficial insects as well. Avoid applying onto flowers. – Does not harm worms or beneficial soil microorganisms.
DE will destroy ant colonies, even fire ant colonies. Sprinkle around and in the hole.
DE can be used to treat a bedbug infestation.
Sprinkle DE in your garbage bins for odor and pest protection.
Got a compost heap? Apply DE to keep odors and pests away.
Add to manure heaps to keep flies and larvae down.
Add to bulk grains to keep pests and moisture out.
You can sprinkle DE in your toilet for a little extra scrubbing power – it won’t harm porcelain.
FYI: if the area where you applied the DE gets wet, such as in the garden, please reapply.

As you can see, there are so many uses! I hope I’ve intrigued you today about my friend, diatomaceous earth. I believe no family, home, or homestead should be without it. It’s worth a shot, don’t you think?

What can diatomaceous earth do for your body, home, and homestead? Find out more.

Do you use diatomaceous earth already? Let us know in the comments!

Peace, Love, and Diatoms,


Danielle is first and foremost a daughter of the Most High God. She is married to her best friend, and they have four children. She is a recovering procrastinator, a real foodie, and an unapologetic dreamer. And yes, she eats dirt daily. You can find Danielle blogging about life, love, simplicity, and her affinity for bacon at – Don’t forget to join the discussion on Facebook too.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are for educational and entertainment purposes only. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Black Salve feedback

The following are testimonials that have been emailed to me.  Always seek the advise of a qualified health care practitioner when using any health treatment.  There are many bogus salves on the market, if you can’t make your own, try


This great product is now available in SA at this link:

Black Salve drawing ointment (25 ml)


comments: My name is Pat, on Nov. 2/2011; I was told I had cancer in my left breast. It was a high-grade Ductal Carcinoma in-situ, Comedo subtype. At the time I did not have insurance, so I was trying to find ways to deal with the cancer with out surgery, chemo and radiation. On 11/22/11 I was told I had invasive ductal carcinoma in my right breast. By the time of the second diagnosis I was already juicing and working on getting my body in the alkaline state.

I found a wonderful holistic Dr. in Lake Mary, Fl. With the help of my holistic Dr. we were working on the cancer. I did may bath soaks 
and many different supplements. The tumor in the right breast was staying the same size, but the tumor in the left breast was growing and pushing out the side of my breast. I made the mistake of allowing the conventional Dr.’s to cut into the tumor and remove some of my skin on the left breast. The tumor on the left breast grew to be 7.5 cm. at its largest point; (it was about the size of a golf ball). I was able to get insurance, 
and on Jan. 27 2012 I had a double mastectomy.

My cancer cell count after the surgery done, with the Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA) Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) by my holistic Dr. was still at 53. I had been told about Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules and decided to give them a try. I also ordered the EllagiCaps (made by Best On Earth Products, LLC) within on week of taking the products I had a new cancer mass on the incision area of my left breast.
Again I went in for surgery and had the mass removed. After the surgery I went back to my holistic Dr. and we did the Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) again, this time my cancer cell count was at 2. My holistic Dr. says most people will show a count of 1 or 2. I had a CAT Scan May 17 2012 and on May 22 2012 the conventional Drs. said no cancer. I have not done chemo or radiation as of today and do not plan to. I believe the black salve is what grouped the cancer cells together so I could get them removed.
As of today I am cancer free, Still doing many natural supplements, with the direction of my holistic Dr., along with juicing and I have never felt better. Thank You makers of Black Salve!
Pat R.

Hi Rick,

My husband was clinically diagnosed with melanoma on his torso which he received from a tanning bed. After listening to the doctors from the doctors, all of the options required negative side effects so we decided to do some research. After learning more about cancer we realized we needed to make a decision based on knowledge rather than fear an felt that black salve was our best option. We removed the melanoma with black salve and he has now been cancer free for 7 years. The experience inspired me to apply the black salve to two moles that I have had my whole life and found out that one was probably cancer from the way it reacted, thankfully it was small at the time and I am very thankful that black salve was an option for me too. Thank you Rick for continuing to share this information with so many who need to hear about a safe, non-medical option!
Lillian Day


Hi Rick,

Our family owe you Black Salve and the Lord so much for your kindness and for saving precious lives. Beginning with Yvonne with her stage 4 Melanoma and progressing to other family and friends. Yvonne noticed a mole on my left shoulder which had changed colour, as well as an irregular shape, and size. Black Salve is working its magic and today the root is beginning to come out. Our Doctor believes it is a Melanoma but decided to let Black Salve do its job. He is a surgeon and he uses it with success very quietly as he would be in big trouble if it was made known to the authorities here. God Bless you and all who are associated with you and God Bless Black Salve and its life saving properties. Keep healthy and happy dear friend along with your family and friends and walk with God.
-Jan V


Hi Rick,
Just wanted to let you know that I am removing another cancer from my forehead and it’s acting like it should. That makes six on me personally. I just had two more people obtain black salve from BOEP and it’s working for them also. That makes eighteen cancers that have been removed, under my direction, without a failure. I wonder if the medical profession can match that percentage.
A while back I purchased two bottles of black salve capsules to use as a preventative. I would like the protocol for use in this situation. At 81 yrs. young, I try to stay in good health. I keep my immune system top notch with EllagiCaps. I still pump iron five days a week.  I have turned a lot of people on to the products of BOEP. THEY WORK!

-Bill P.

Dear Rick,

I found you on YouTube:) I have purchased Black Salve and used it on several moles that were suspicious and I am very happy with the results so far! I have also used it on my fiance’ who was scheduled to go in to have basal cells “cut out” of two areas on his body, one on the face in the temple area and one on his shoulder… There is no way that the Dr. could have cut my Michael’s arm the way the salve has reacted and we are very happy:) I appreciate any thoughts… Sincerely, Melissa 
p.s. I am going to purchase the body wash:) Thank you so much for being here for us all so we can take our health into our own hands! Hugs and blessings to you and your loved ones:) 

Hi Rick,

I keep Black Salve on hand – I am 67 spent too much time in the sun and have treated several places on my face with amazing results. I have actually had breast cancer and removed surgically, but when I found another “lump” I thought I would try Black Salve, I won’t say it was painless – but the results were incredible, there is no scar and the cancer, as big as a dime, came out and left no scar. I own a shop and I have a Black Salve file that I show everyone who is interested in the product. IT WORKS TRUST ME. I haven’t tried the internal capsules, but if they are anything like the topical salve – I wouldn’t hesitate!
-Sue Smith (real name)

Dr. V writes:

As a Bio-energetic Chiropractor for 32 years, I had the opportunity to witness many miracles with Natural healing. When I discovered a lump in my left breast in 2004, I applied Black Salve from a company that I will not name, because the support and instructions were sketchy and not helpful at all. Not all the unhealthy tissue came out.  I monitored the progress with Digital Thermography, focused on my health and re-applied in 2006 with salve from another company whose support was excellent, with clear and defined instructions.

Happy to say that all is well since. View the video here:


Hi Rick,

I’ve been taking the EllagiCaps (6 per day), Black Salve Bloodroot capsules (6 per day) and Apricot kernels (36 per day) for the last few weeks.  I’ve just had another MRI scan which showed that my T3N1 rectal tumour has a central ulceration and is reported to have reduced in size about 20%. The doctors dismiss this, even though it is the same machine and same radiologist!

Kind regards,

-Paul D.  Australia

Hi Rick,

Originally  I bought salve a few years ago and all of  my family has used it with great success.  4 weeks ago I developed another small scaly  spot on my  fore head  and used the salve,  the next  day or two the affected area was a big as a 30mm  so i was shocked  of the size under my  skin even though I only had a very small scaly spot around 5mm in diameter, after 3 weeks the tumor fell out which was only 3 days ago and now 3 days later it has healed to an amazing  very small sore.  Totally amazing! 

Alan G. in Australia


I was diagnosed by a dermatologist with a BBC on my face and on my arm. The one on my face  had been treated  with a “special” $600.00 cream and laser (FDA approved of course) – unfortunately it turned out to be useless,  because the cancer grew back again in two years. Thanks god to black salve which cleaned both BBC’s up in 3 weeks. It works100%. 

-Josef Erharter

Hi Rick, 

I thought I would tell you about how I recently used the Body Wash. 

I woke up a little over a month ago with an awful pain right below my jaw. I reached up and felt 
something hard about an inch long. 

Long story short…after a CT Scan I found that it was a non malignant Warthin’s tumor. I had a couple of people praying for me and of course I was praying that it would just disappear. 

After a few days I started to feel like I should put the Body Wash on my neck. I roughed up the area lightly with an imitation Loofa (sort of a cloth made out of net.) Then I applied the Body Wash each evening (always after using the Loofa.) After about 2 weeks I felt I should stop doing it (and, I did stop.) I started feeling the area I could no longer feel the hard lump. I keep praying that it would just be completely gone when I had my next checkup. 

This morning (1 month later) I had my checkup and…the Dr. was amazed. I said..”I think it is gone”, and he kept feeling around (I think he was hoping he could find it.) Finally he said.. “I believe you are right.” I told him that I believe it was because of prayer and he just looked at me like…”well… that wouldn’t be the reason.” 

Anyway…I do believe the Lord uses different methods to heal and…I just wanted to let you know that He used the Body Wash to remove the tumor for me. 

Please feel free to share this if you want to. 

-Kaye R.
(Rick’s comments) Warthin’s tumors affect the parotid gland, which is a lymphatic gland found in both sides of the lower jaw area. I have seen more and more of similar lymphatic tumors in recent years. The job of the parotid glands is to secrete saliva and to help pull toxins out 
of the oral cavity. With so many chemicals in our foods today, it is no wonder these glands are working harder than ever, and if the rest of the lymphatic system is not at 100%, these glands back up. It is very important to cleanse the body and to keep the lymphatics moving. Great job Kaye!!

Hi Rick,

Thank you for the info and now an update: 
As you know I was diagnosed with a small benign meningioma situated on the brainstem in a position deemed totally inoperable and incurable.
Although told by my neurologist that nothing could be done except to look forward to a pretty terrible prognosis with the double edge of the process being very slow. I have never doubted for a moment that this growth in my head was completely cur arable I just was not sure how.
As I believed that long term exposure to mould toxins was not only responsible for all the health problems I had suffered from for 6 years, I was also convinced the tumor had the same cause. Of course the medicos completely disagreed.
A year ago I changed my diet to organic vegan. I started on zeolite and iodine And slowly detoxed. I began to regain my health, lost all symptoms of fatigue, asthma muscle aches etc but continued to suffer the devastating symptoms of the tumor albeit less pronounced. Until the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules which I began taking less than a month ago.
I am so happy to tell you that the double vision I have suffered from for over a year has almost completely resolved. No aural migraine and no impaired balance.
I am ecstatic and all this in such a short time. I look forward to a total cure and complete relief from the slight double vision that remains when I look very far right.
Thanks again for your help! 
-Alex M.



Hi Rick,

June gave me a tiny sample of the salve just as we were leaving Idaho for Oregon. She also gave me the website and quick instructions which I followed.
On the left side of my nose was a melanoma, put only a very small amount of salve on….but just that small amount worked!
When the scab came off had a small crater that filled in within less than a month. Nothing to see even with an eight power magnifying mirror.
Will be getting the Total Care Body Wash soon as I have what my mother always called “whiteheads”.
Thank you for your website and the videos on the Black Salve.
Cringed when I clicked on one of the other experiences of a man having a different companies product Cansema (sp) spread on a large area of his face, on his ear and near his nose, too much area at once if any pain ensued. Hope it turned out well for him.
-Nancy M


I first noticed a small round patch of dead skin on the back of my arm. I scraped it off and didn’t think much more about it until a few weeks later and saw that it was back. This was a little larger around than a pencil eraser. I did the same thing and a few weeks later I noticed that now it had grown into a growth looking somewhat like a mole. I decided to do some reading about skin cancer as my father died from a rare form. I became convinced that this wasn’t an ordinary mole and my wife and I discussed what to do. She knows I have no faith in conventional medicine at all. Somewhere years ago she had read something about “Black Salve” and I did some checking and came upon this site and some great testimonials about the use of this product and decided to give it a try. I ordered some from Best On Earth Products and it came in a few days. I followed the instructions and in about an hour that location where I had applied it began to sting. It felt kind of like someone sticking me with a pin.

The next day I cleaned the material off as instructed and noticed the “bump” was now a depression. I put on another application and covered it. A few days later the area around the spot became red and sore. I was a little concerned as that wasn’t one of the things I was expecting. In about a week it began to emit some pus. Not a lot and I cleaned it up with hydrogen peroxide as instructed. That lasted for a few days and then it just looked like most scabs. In about 10 days from the first application that “scab” fell off and I was amazed that I had this perfectly round hole in my arm about 3/16 of an inch deep. It looked like someone had taken a miniature cookie cutter and taken a sample out of my arm. It didn’t hurt any longer as I was expecting. I cleaned it up and put on a bandage and the next day it was scabbed up. The redness and soreness had begun to taper off and was gone in about a week.

I was taking 500 milligrams of L-Arginine twice a day to help it heal up faster. It is now 5 weeks and it has completely healed up. I have a small scar that looks something like a polio vaccination scar. I keep thinking that if my father had know about this product he might still be alive. He allowed them to cut his out and it ended up spreading to the rest of his body. What a shame so many people spend so much money on “cures” that aren’t that successful. I’ll admit that I didn’t go to the doctor and I don’t regret that at all. I believe we have all in nature we really need for compete healing! Thank you for allowing me to share my story.
-Randall G.

Hi Rick,

I’ve written to you in the past and have been very grateful for your advice and support. Using the topical black salve, my husband’s melanoma on his head completely disappeared. Then a PET scan showed nodules on his lungs, and, using the black salve capsules, two capsules, three times a day (plus a detox homeopathic remedy), the nodules are just about gone.

Hi Rick,

I have just used black salve to remove a skin cancer under my right eye and I was very careful of course and it has done a remarkable job in about 5 weeks total, it is back to its natural condition,the Squamous Cell is gone and I am very happy,Thx again.

Hi Rick,

just watched the video.. my father Rex from Newcastle NSW has experienced exactly what we saw.. its amazing .. Black Salve really works, my father has been hospitalized EVERY YEAR  for my life (I’m 30 yrs old) having these basal cell carcinomas cut out from his body and than enduring nasty skin grafts, now he has been refusing treatment from his skin specialist and is relying on BLACKSALVE to work its magic… just thought id share our experience with you! Thank you!

I have taken one full bottle of the Black Salve Bloodroot capsules, 3 – 3x a day. Shortly after starting the black salve capsules I noticed a dramatic improvement in my bladder incontinence. I had assumed there was perhaps some sort of tissue anomaly that was cleaned out thus not irritating the organs. But, since having to drop back on the amount because I was running out, the incontinence has returned so, I deduced my improvement had been merely a side effect. 

BTW I am having results so far with the capsules in that moles on my back are itching and showing changes. I presume they are being affected and I really expect they will dry up and fall off. 🙂 Time will tell.
-K Campbell


Rick: I just had to give you another black salve story. Last fall, my son’s fiancée called me asking what it was that my Uncle Dale had used to cure himself of a very aggressive form of bladder cancer. (I sent you that story a while back). I told her about the black salve from Best on Earth. One of the girls she works with wanted to help her grandfather who had been told the chemotherapy he had been taking was not working and the aggressive lung cancer was inoperable and they gave him six months to live, at the most. His granddaughter ordered the black salve immediately and he began taking it,
Within four months, the tumors were quickly shrinking. The doctors wanted to know what he was doing and he refused to tell them – he’s 83 and very determined to keep his secret. Anyway, my son called last week to let me know the cancer is gone. He does still have the other lung problems he has had for many years, but no more cancer. The cure took place in less than a year! The doctors continue to ask him for an explanation, but he still refuses to tell them – he wants to spread the word himself but not through the medical profession. I think this story, along with the one about my uncle, is bittersweet. I tell so many people the story, but 9 times out of 10, they will not try anything outside of what their doctor recommends! I will not stop telling these stories!
-Diane D.

Dear Rick,
About four months ago, my husband had a PET scan to see if he was clean of the melanoma that he had last year  The scan showed that it looked like the melanoma was gone, but for a few nodules in the lungs. They could be anything, of course, but we wanted to be sure and he went on the black salve capsules for three cycles of 20 days, with a five day rest between each cycle.  A PET scan three days ago showed about 60% improvement of the nodules.
Thanks Rick!
-Susan C.


Dear Rick,

 I apologize for not documenting everything carefully as it was happening; I hadn’t expected anything worth documenting to happen. I’ll go ahead and tell you this account of my experiences with Black Salve in hope that they may be of help to someone.

I had used Black Salve on several moles on my face and had been amazed at the changes over a period of weeks as I applied it to one and then another.  It was interesting to me that the large moles disappeared, but I was fascinated with what I could feel going on under my skin beneath them.  Large areas became hard, as though material was being drawn in from places deep and wide.  After a month or so, the tissue became soft again.  After at least six months, a bit of mole reappeared in two places, with a bit of hardness under them.  I reapplied Black Salve and the moles disappeared again and the areas beneath them softened and returned to normal.

A few months later, I discovered a lump to the right of my right breast.  When it began growing and became hard and painful, I started researching.  One of my sisters had had breast cancer and another ovarian.

I read a bit of information and ordered Black Salve capsules, since I was already impressed with the salve.  When they arrived,I took 3 @ day to start with, and kept reading.  Within 5-10 minutes of taking the first capsule, I experienced pain in the lump and in another area of my right breast.  This happened every time I took a capsule and I never felt pain in any other area of my body, so I figured something was really going on.  The pain increased daily until the point of agony.  I had read that the black salve would only target cancer and that if it found it, it would hurt.  I took comfort in these words and gave thanks for the healing I believed was taking place.

By this time I had read information that said the internal treatment for cancer was not for the faint of heart and that once started, it was important to continue boldly until resolution.  So I kept going.   The pain kept increasing and I questioned whether or not I was doing the right thing.

On the 10th day,  when I thought I would not be able to bear the pain any more, the pain suddenly stopped and never came back.

The lump continued to reduce.  More than a year later it is small and soft, no pain.  I continue to take one capsule most days. I don’t claim to know that I’m doing the right thing,  but I feel this tact is good for me.

As a caution for people to be wise and do their research, I must say that my naturopathic doctor became very upset when I told her what I was doing.  She flipped out a notebook binder full of photos she had made of patients who had applied the  black salve externally to breast cancers and then come to her for help. The photos were, indeed, horrifying.  Similar ones I had seen online had caused me to decide to go with the internal capsules.

In the past year I’ve also begun using the body wash and like the way it makes my skin feel, though that is not why I ordered it.  I like knowing that it will target any areas that need attention.

Thank you for your newsletters, Rick.  I appreciate your efforts to help us all.
-P. Benton, Tennessee

Image result for black salve recipe


I used black salve on a skin tag on my breast.  I left it on 12 hours, there was a lot of pulling and deep pain but i knew it was working. when I took the bandage off after 12 hours there was a black scab in the middle of a white/opaque circle.  I left the bandaid on for 5 days. After 5 days I took off the bandaid and there was a tiny white tube-like cord coming out of a crevice!
I put another bandage on and after two days I looked again and the scab fell off and there was a small home/crevice or crater. I feel very successful! thanks to your website I had the confidence to do it!



Hi, I have had black salve for a year now. Used it on a mole on my arm, took it away. A strange off white odd shaped nodule came up on my wrist, on the upper side. I was taking vit c injections for something else. It started getting smaller, dissolving. I ran out of shots, and put black salve on it. I was told never to put more than one application on it. But, I put it on approx. 3 times. It got ugly with drainage, about the size of a half dollar. I knew they said that it has to liquefy to get out. It did. It healed up and for a day or so, had a hole where the core fell out. It has healed completely. Remember to keep it out of the sun even while it heals. Can do damage. Thanks soooooo much.

-Sharon L.


comments: Last year my brother-in-law’s mole on his forehead was biopsied at a dermatologists office  and the diagnosis was, basal cell carcinoma.  The doctor sent him to University of Michigan Hospital for further tests. He did not go there. However, he did start using Black Salve. He used more than he should have used and it did burn a lot. One night about 3 weeks after starting to use it, he awakened to find all of this drainage pouring from the area.
He could not believe it but, the mole that had become cancerous was completely gone. The area was pink and filled in after a bit. He returned to the dermatologists office for a follow up and another biopsy. The dermatologist said “University of Michigan Hospital does good work.” My brother in law said,”no, black salve does good work.” The doctor became angry and left the room refusing to continue to talk to him.  The nurse later mailed the results to him and they were negative for cancer.
-Susan R.

A while back I went to a ‘doc-in-the-box’ for an x-ray of a broken toe.  After confirming it was indeed broken and wrenching it back into place, the doctor mentioned my toe nail fungus.  I explained that for several years I’ve had fungus under some toe nails, and hadn’t been successful getting rid of it.  She suggested some medication she could prescribe for me, explaining that it could have negative side effects for my liver and that it would cost me about $200!  I told her she was crazy, and she agreed that she probably wouldn’t take it either. 
I then decided to try something new.  I had purchased some Total Care Body Wash from Best on Earth, and read how other people were using it, so I thought, why not?….and tried it on my foot.  That evening I trimmed my toe nails really short, and massaged the Body Wash all around the nails and then all over my foot.  I let it dry, then put a sock on it for the night.  I did this for about 5 days, then stopped.  The first thing I noticed was the side of my toe which had the fungus along the side of the nail.  The skin cleared up very quickly, no more fungus, and now, a couple weeks later, one nail that was thick and split is now thin and straight, and there’s a clear line across the big toe nail where you can see that it’s growing healthier!  This is really great stuff!


Dear Rick,

I wanted to thank you for helping me understand more about the black salve. I used it on my 11 year old black lab who was diagnosed with a cancerous growth on his lower exterior neck.  It was about an inch in diameter and I applied the salve on June 13.  On June the 21st the scab fell out with a lot of gray matter on the under side of it.  This stuff is amazing, thanks again for your site.
-Betsy Klein



As I previously reported to you, I have been applying the black salve with DMSO to two different spots (squamous cell cancers) on my shoulders.  I also have multiple spots on my face which the doctor says are pre-cancerous which I have used the body wash from BOE with good results to date.  Both the squamous cell cancers are now gone according to my doctor, though he wants me to come back in 6 months to check again.  The spots on the face took longer (3 month) with the body wash but there is no scarring, just like you said.  I appreciate your help in all this, keep up the good work, we all need this information.
Best to you,
-Rob C.


Hi Rick,
I used the black salve for a mysterious spot on my son’s chin.  The spot got very inflamed and oozed for two days.  The spot crusted over and healed in about a week.  The spot is now gone and we are working on getting rid of the slightly red scar.  We are thankful to have this spot gone and I love the black salve.  I have also used it on a spot on my leg and one on my wrist.  The scab fell off today from my leg and the spot on my wrist should be done the process in about 4-5 more days.  I am grateful that my sister told me about black salve.
- Sharon


Hi, this is my second testimonial regarding black salve. I am now 42 years old and have had recurrent melanoma since 2004. I have had surgery, have had multiple biopsies done, taken supplements, used black salve, I see an alternative care practitioner and I maintain a 3 month skin check schedule with my dermatologist. I have been blessed that my melanomas have yet, as far as I am aware, to invade lymph or other organs.

My mom and my sister have been diagnosed with stage 4 colon/liver cancer. They were diagnosed within 10 days of each other. As you can imagine, this rocked my world. Of course, one of my prevailing thoughts is fear and anticipation that this will be my legacy. I realize that it does not have to be, however, emotions can get in the way of clear thinking. All of that to tell you this…I found 2 places I did not like the looks of…we have been watching them and to me, they had changed slightly in color and appearance. They were on the back of my left hip. They were small, pink/red moles, as big as, if not smaller than eraser heads. Honestly, I did this backwards. I should have had them biopsied first, treated them with Black Salve after. I did not do that so I do not know what they were. I DO NOT recommend doing it like I just did. My mental state regarding the recent diagnosis of my mom and sister put me in a panic…I started treating them with black salve on 1-3-09 I had quite a response and knew the salve had detected something.

By 1-6-09 I was experiencing a great deal of pain. The areas were red, inflamed and had turned a very ugly green. I was panicked and edgy due to what I was experiencing. By the weekend the pain was even greater. The areas had gone from the eraser head size to dime size and penny size. I woke up at 3:45 a.m. on Monday 1-12-09 and knew without a doubt that the process was complete. The pain had stopped, the areas were draining and the cores had fallen out. The cores were absolutely something I did not want in my body, they were gray/green and rubbery and the depth was thick.

Unfortunately, I do not know what I was dealing with. I cleaned them thoroughly, applied after care salve and repeat that process daily to aid in healing. I have attached photos of the process. I apologize that they are not the best quality but it is difficult to take photos of the backside! I just started taking internal black salve today. I am deciding if I need to have the remaining margins biopsied.. Best on Earth Products is an amazing resource. Rick is a great support, very thorough, honest, calming. Thanks Rick.
-Linda Woodward

Dear Rick,

Black salve is such a great product.  In 2007, my uncle cured himself of a very aggressive form of bladder cancer by refusing chemo and using the black salve capsules.  I recommend this constantly to others.

I know he would love to do a testimonial because he went around telling everyone.  The doctors were amazed but not real pleased to hear he had healed himself with black salve.  They told him the black salve was sort of like a natural chemo but they could not recommend it because it was not FDA approved!

It sickens me to think of the lives that are being lost each day to this thinking.  But, to make a long story short, my Uncle Dale never missed a beat after the diagnosis of the bladder cancer and hearing the news that he had 3-6 months to live.  He never slowed down until he walked out of a restaurant, tripped and fell on his shoulder.  He was so excited about not having cancer anymore that he thought the shoulder would heal and didn’t have it checked out. Unfortunately, he got MRSA in the shoulder and eventually lost his life last March to the staff infection.  Isn’t that something!

I’m so sorry I didn’t know about the black salve when I had breast cancer in 2000.  I might have avoided the chemo.  But, now I know, and I share this web site with someone each week.  The most recent was to a person who has bladder cancer and has been told he is cancer free!  Time to take black salve if you ask me!

I have been told stories by my mother about how my aunt and grandfather (yes, really my grandfather) put black salve on themselves to kill their breast cancer.  Back then, they didn’t have much to work with and the black salve ate off the breast, but they lived to be very old with no breast cancer.  That’s a bit drastic.  I was told they bought it from the “Watkins” man who came around selling all kinds of ointments from his wagon.  The black salve has been used in my family almost 100 years but I had forgotten about it until my uncle decided he would heal himself.

He also had several skin cancers which he took care of with the black salve ointment.  I remember the day in 2007 when he so candidly told me how easy it was to use and how well it worked.  My uncle died at 65, but I’m sure he would have lived to be very old if the MRSA had not taken his life.  Before the bladder cancer, he had kidney cancer and the doctors talked him into taking his last kidney.  The other one had shriveled up years before from a botched attempt to remove kidney stones.  He told me after he cured himself with the black salve how he wished so much he had found the capsules before the kidney surgery and had said NO to losing it.

In my family, it’s not “IF” I get cancer, it’s “WHEN” but I’m ready to use the black salve when that day comes again.  I feel a peace knowing I have an alternative to the toxic chemicals that the pharmaceutical companies want us all to use. Thanks for wanting to share my uncle’s story.
Diane Dees

I received a call yesterday from a lady that I first met when we were 21 and met again in 1986. I had not heard from her since.  We are now 78. Four years ago she was given just 30 days to live because of pancreatic cancer. She got her black salve for internal use from Holly Bacon in Sparks, Nevada. She has been cancer free ever since. Another success story!  
(**Note:Holly Bacon no longer sells black salve due to the FDA!)  Still available online at

I wrote to you recently about a problem I was experiencing. I was already 
using black salve I ordered from a dealer in Canada about a year ago. I 
wanted back up for the large devil that attacked my lower leg and you 
suggested the blood root caps. I got those and took them. Happily I had no 
reaction, good or bad, which is good. The 2’x4” place on the leg is now 
about healed, only some dead skin left to fluff off. 

Hey, it hurt bad and for hours for several weeks. I lost a lot of sleep 
because of pain. Motrin helped, I just sucked up the rest. I never gave up 
the faith of a favorable outcome. I did not tell my wife or sister or anyone
(other than you) about my problem until it was under control. They would 
freak out and try to make me go to a doctor. Anyway, our self help natural 
plan has worked. I am so thankful to God for giving us these herbs, and 
thankful that we had the faith and common sense to use what He provides. 

Now that it is over, and I tell other people when this subject comes up, 
they look as if I am telling them an abstract story that they cannot relate 
to. I just want them to know what you and the BSI members know. 
Thanks for being there, you are indeed a good man. 

Billy Suddeth 
Dadeville, Al.


comments: 37 year old female diagnosed in June of 2006 with Large B Cell Lymphoma.  I had a chronic cough, felt sick, and had weight loss.  I went down the US Western oncology road with 3 types of Chemotherapy, 2 types of Radiation, and a Stem Cell transplant.  In Jan of 2008 a biopsy showed that the cancer was still there.

I then found a holistic treating chiropractor who was willing to manage my care while I took the Black Salve.  I took it internally (capsules) every day for 2 months and 3 weeks.  In April of 2008 was informed I am cancer free.

So the $750,000 Western protocol did not work but the $50.00 Black Salve with chiropractic care and management did.

People who see me today honestly do not believe I was in a state of Dis-Ease just a year ago!


I have had skin cancer for some years now and have had many removed by surgery. They were the BCC & SCC type skin cancers. I heard about curaderm and used the cream for several years. It worked on some cancers about 80% and completely removed them, however, some came back and others did not respond. I treated three cancers for two years with curaderm with no success.

I had heard about black slave, mostly negative so I never bothered to follow it up. I now had two cancers that were getting bigger one on my upper leg and one on my head. I did not have these diagnosed by a doctor, lately my trust in doctors has not been that high. Also the thought and cost of surgery did nothing for me. So I studied cansema (black slave) on the net and happened to mention it to a friend of mine which lead to me calling a friend of his who used it and could supply it in Australia. So I ordered it, it came in a plain jar so I don’t know who made it but I was told it came from the States

We are now a few months down the track and the salve has completely removed all the cancers as per the directions that you get with the salve. The two main ones I mentioned earlier just fell out after a few days and are now healing nicely. I also confirm that the salve will not effect normal skin it does nothing, but let it get in contact with a cancer and all hell breaks lose. I found the treatment on my leg very painful and I needed pain killers for a few days but the one on my head which I thought would be a night mare because of its size was no problem at all.

Rick’s comments:  This persons testimonial is similar to what I have heard other report about Curaderm.  It works on surface spots but they can come back after a while.  I believe that the black salve penetrates much deeper than the curaderm can and that is why it works more efficiently.

-Trevor T.

Grateful thanks to the source of this valuable information :

Black Salve Cancer Testimonials

Healthy gut through natural probiotic foods – DIY



It’s a total mystery to me why gut health and probiotics did not become a “thing” until a few years ago. I mean, come on: 95% of serotonin—the neurotransmitter considered responsible for happiness and wellbeing—is produced in the gut, and what’s more, 80% of your immune system is located in the same place. Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, said “all disease begins in the gut.” So why did it take Jamie Lee Curtis hawking yogurt for mainstream medicine to hop on the gut-health bandwagon?


It’s a total mystery to me why gut health and probiotics did not become a “thing” until a few years ago. I mean, come on: 95% of serotonin—the neurotransmitter considered responsible for happiness and wellbeing—is produced in the gut, and what’s more, 80% of your immune system is located in the same place. Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, said “all disease begins in the gut.” So why did it take Jamie Lee Curtis hawking yogurt for mainstream medicine to hop on the gut-health bandwagon?



10 Natural Probiotic Foods for a Healthy Gut The gut is populated by both “good” and “bad” bacteria, also known as gut flora. The idea is to raise the ratio of healthy to harmful bacteria. Certain foods can be used to promote gut health; likewise there are foods that inflame or otherwise irritate our guts. Adding probiotics to your diet, in the form of cultured foods and/or supplements, will help you increase the good bacteria in your gut, promoting good digestion. Good digestion is vital for your health by optimizing the assimilation of nutrients. If you have IBS, constipation, acid reflux, or any digestive distress or hormonal imbalance, then adding probiotics is a top priority.


A diet high in sugar
A diet high in processed foods
A diet low in minerals and healthy fats
Years of taking antibiotics or birth control


Cultured, or fermented, veggies support weight loss, reduce cravings and help avoid constipation. Start with 2 tablespoons of cultured vegetables with each meal and slowly increasing by 1 tablespoon until you reach ¼ cup at each meal. Get the recipe here.



More palatable (and easier to make) than kombucha, this refreshing homemade drink is also cheap to produce at home.


Feel free to make homemade, or opt for store-bought, like Inner Eco, which contains an average of 100 billion active probiotic cultures per serving.


Your reaction to dairy may vary (some digest it fine, some find dairy worsens digestion, bloating, headaches, acne or other issues. If you opt for non-dairy, look for yogurts made from coconut milk, almond or any unsweetened and dairy-free milk. Add it to smoothies (like a lovely lavender-berry one) for a creamy dessert or breakfast.


Not only is this wonder ingredient great for salad dressing, skincare and boosting the immune system (as well as many other household uses), it’s a natural probiotic. Take a tablespoon or two per day and see how you feel.


You may want to avoid kombucha if candida is present, as sugar is used in its fermentation process. Make your own, or opt for store-bought options with lower sugar content, if this is a concern.



These can be purchased on Amazon, Vitacost, or at your local health food store. We suggest choosing a probiotic with at least 15-50 billion colony-forming units (CFUs). Probiotic shake mixes like Renew Life can also be used to make delicious healthy-gut smoothies.


Fermented soybeans not only provide probiotics—they can make soy products easier to digest for those who have trouble. Try Oh My Veggies’ Sweet and Sour Tempeh for starters.


Infuse your ketchup, mustard, hot sauce and more with probiotics by making homemade fermented condiments.


Both these fermented veggie dishes are traditional probiotic-packed staples of their respective cuisines. Keep a stash of homemade kimchi or sauerkraut in the fridge, and snack away.


Many people will feel much better (and more regular!) after introducing probiotics to their daily diet. If you add probiotics to your diet and find you experience “die-off” symptoms such as headaches, loose stools, or belly bloat from the bad bacteria dying off, reduce the amount of cultured foods you’re consuming, or take a break from probiotics before slowly reintroducing.

If you experience digestive upset (bloating, loose stools, or acid reflux), try more puréed foods, soups, smoothies, and warm foods. Try chewing on ginger or taking digestive enzymes—which help to break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates—prior to eating salad or other raw vegetables. You can also drink lemon water (skip the cayenne if your stomach is upset) three times a day—20 minutes before each meal—to enhance the natural enzymes in your body and stimulate digestion.


Michael Tsarion : A World Apart – watch the video for some amazing original information









The spiritual energies within human beings, collectively and individually, are being manipulated by the establishment to reach the highest possible levels. The build of spiritual energies is largely assisted by music and drink but a party atsmosphere is created whatever the situation and by 12 o clock the atsmophere is usually at fever pitch. Is this a natural situation or has it been created for another reason?.







Theseus was on the list of the third tribute to the Minotauros . . . [Ariadne] pleaded with Daidalos to tell her the way out of the labyrinth. Following his instructions, she gave Theseus a ball of thread as he entered. He fastened this to the door and let it trail behind him as he went in. He…

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Detoxing – so important

June 07, 2015

Natural Detox Series : Flush Your Toxins Down the Drain

Detox conceptBy  Marie Be Guest Writer for Wake Up World The alarm rings, time to wake up. Your body feels heavy, tired. You wish you could sleep in a few more hours. Your body is not fully rested; it was unable to process all the toxins accumulated. It is your day that will take the toll. Lack of energy, drowsiness, bad mood – let’s talk about waking up on the wrong foot. Overwhelmed with pollution, pesticides, antibiotics, saturated fats, sugar, stressful lifestyles and lack of exercise only to name a few, your body simply can’t cope. Day after day, your body accumulates toxins it is unable to process naturally. The more toxins it accumulates, the more its natural healing systems become clogged. That feeling tiredness slowly becomes the norm; your body forgets how alive and vibrant it used to be.   According to the  Natural Resources Defense Council: “the medical literature continues to support the growing association between exposure to popularized toxins such as heavy metals (e.g., mercury, arsenic, lead), exogenous hormones (e.g., recombinant bovine growth hormone and synthetic estrogens), and industrial plasticizers (e.g., bisphenol A) and the rising incidence of neurobehavioral, reproductive, and musculoskeletal diseases — everything from attention deficit disorder to autism to infertility to fibromyalgia. It has been estimated that there are over 80,000 chemicals presently used in the United States, with some of them not extensively tested for their effects on human health.”  [1]

Detoxing for Health and Vitality

The human body was naturally designed to revitalize itself in a balanced environment. Since modern world’s addiction to producing or by-producing toxins, the body simply can’t cope. Our environment has become unbalanced, and so have  our body systems. As toxic stress increases, the toxins end up lodged within the internal organs, skin, body cells, and unwanted fat. This results in many of us feeling stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression. Unless you do something to fix this, accumulation of toxins in your body tissues can lower your vitality possibly resulting in premature ageing, degenerative diseases[2], and potentially aggravate any medical condition. Detoxing is essential to restore optimum health and vitality. It can seriously enhance virtually every facet of your life. In the long run, those who take care of the equilibrium of their body should expect to live longer and healthier, encounter fewer degenerative health conditions and persistent medical problems. As the body gets rid of toxins, the digestive system improves, nasal congestion clears, blood pressure levels stabilize, mental clarity and memory improve, and emotional and hormonal fluctuations to return to normal. Cleansing can also boost the effectiveness of any other subsequent restorative healing treatments. [3] The body has many natural ways to eliminate toxins. Many of us don’t like to hear about their bowel movements, but it is a great way to keep health in check. Healthy intestines naturally excrete toxins; clogged intestines recirculate them into the body. Constipation is strongly related to toxin buildup; the longer toxins stay in the bowel, the more they can be reabsorbed into the systemic circulation. Normal bowel movements should be at least once a day in the form of soft, well-formed stools. There are many small dietary changes you can make to ensure your intestines are healthy and happy.


Fiber not only “traps” toxins within its matrix, but also assists with generating movement in the intestines so that toxins are promptly eliminated.[4] We often think of fibers as gluten or bread. Actually, the best sources of fiber come from legumes, non-starchy vegetables, beans, fruit, seeds, nuts, and flaxseed meal. Black bean soup is an excellent meal to get your bowels going. You can also opt for dietary supplements such as psyllium, cellulose, oat fiber, and rice bran, to name a few. The general recommendation for fiber is about 25 to 30 grams daily for women and 30 to 35 grams daily for men.[5]

Fermented Foods

The bacteria in fermented foods are extremely healthy for your colon and intestines. These bacteria give your colon the energy to function more efficneitly. Without them, certain nutrients go unsynthesized, toxins don’t degrade, and disease-causing micro-organisms can set up house in your digestive system.Organic yogurt, miso, kimchi, and sauerkraut are four examples of fermented foods.Drinks such as Kefir and kombucha tea provide plenty of healthy bacteria too.


More Greens

Chlorophyll, the pigment that give plants their green color, is also great at cleansing and soothing tissue in the digestive tract as well. Greens provide additional fibers and are healing to the intestines. Alfalfa, wheatgrass, brussel sprouts, spinach, peas, and barley grass are all good sources of chlorophyll. So flush your toxins down the drain by taking well care of your intestines. Don’t forget that detoxing is a full-body experience.

For More Information…

Follow Marie Be on Wake Up World for more detox tips and complimentary ways to help you stay healthy. You can also checkout EarthSun for convenient daily detox products,  or connect with Marie on Google +Facebook and Twitter  for further  information. Updated October 2014 Resources: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Previous articles by Marie:

About the author: Marie BeMarie Be’s inspiration comes from her mom who always challenged common assumptions and sought to understand for herself the major issues concerning her family and the choices she made on their behalf. She raised Marie and her brother in a rural environment, feeding them the best organic foods, and focused on building strong immune systems in her children through the use of natural plants, herbs and  minerals. As a fiery teenager, Marie travelled the world in search of purpose and dreamed of positively influencing our society. While earning her first two degrees, in architecture and sustainable development, she worked for Greenpeace and many other organizations of change. Her experience taught her that change cannot be imposed; she now aims at inspiring individuals through education and awareness. Marie moved to Vancouver to undertake a Masters in Regenerative Sustainability under the supervision of a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Teaching workshops on well-being, she started observing a widespread desire in our society for both physical and environmental health and sustainability. Feeling the winds of change, Marie founded  EarthSun.  By tuning into nature as our source of life, and  acquiring knowledge of ancient herbal traditions as well as new technologies, Marie believes it is possible to use nature’s intelligence to create simple and effective health products.

Best health advice – free and so easy

Vaccines – still want to vaccinate your child? Please watch this

Please watch this – one of thousands of documented items showing what a dangerous practice this is for you and your babies and children

Psoriasis – natural remedy

The New Secret Weapon to Fight Psoriasis Naturally

Psoriasis is a chronic condition affecting the immune system which causes buildups on the skin or thick, red, scaly and itchy patches. According to statistics, about 7.5 million Americans struggle with this disease, and it also has a significant economic impact. JAMA Dermatology published a study which outlined that direct costs in the US, related to this condition, go up to $63 billion a year. Indirect costs, like loss of working hours, are estimated to  $35 billion, and another $35 billion spent on associated health issues, including heart diseases and depression. the-new-secret-weapon-to-fight-psoriasis-naturally

Researchers took everything together, and according to them, the annual costs related to psoriasis in the US amounted to $112 billion in 2013. Psoriasis is not only a superficial skin condition Many consider psoriasis as a skin condition, but according to experts, it is actually an autoimmune disease. In one phase of the reaction, T cell, a type of white blood cell,  attacks healthy skin cells by mistake. Overactive T cells later trigger many immune responses and these collectively accelerate the growth of skin cells, making them move to the outer skin layer within several days rather than weeks, as they normally do. It is not possible for the dead skin to be removed quickly enough, so it starts building up and form thick patches – characteristic of psoriasis. About 60% of all people struggling with psoriasis also deal with serious problems in their everyday life. Sometimes the skin becomes so inflamed that it starts cracking and even bleeding. In some cases psoriasis leads to developing psoriatic arthritis, which causes joint damage. Psoriasis sufferers run also at a higher risk of other chronic diseases, like vision problems, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases, not to mention the psychological repercussions. (2) Most people do not actually know much about psoriasis, and see it as a contagious rash. Psoriasis sufferers are often shunned and socially excluded because of this. They often end up being depressed, socially isolated, with low self-esteem, deal with problems at work, which may eventually lead to a lower income. (3) Vitamin D is essential for all autoimmune diseases, including psoriasis If you deal with psoriasis, make sure you have your vitamin D level tested, and always maintain its level in a therapeutic range of 50-70 ng/ml year-round. This vitamin is a powerful immune modulator, which makes it important in the prevention of autoimmune diseases. According to scientists, “vitamin D could have important immunomodulatory effects in psoriasis,” but health experts say that 80% of psoriasis sufferers in winter, and 50% of the patients in summer, showed vitamin D deficiency. (4) Vitamin D has proven to be effective in fighting psoriasis on multiple levels. It regulates keratinocyte growth and differentiation, and also influences the immune function of the T lymphocytes and other cells in the body. This vitamin can inhibit cytotoxic T cells and potentially regulates skin cell growth. (5) In addition to this, vitamin D derivatives are commonly used in the topical treatments of psoriasis, and phototherapy is also a recommended treatment. We have witnessed at least one published report based on a specific type of psoriasis resolving, after vitamin-D deficiency was treated with high doses of vitamin D3. (6) Conventional drug treatments are quite expensive and risky. According to NPR, a psoriasis sufferer took prescription drugs for psoriasis, even experimental drugs, and unfortunately he is still suffering. Raptiva, one of the most common drugs prescribed for psoriasis, was recently pulled from the market because it has shown to increase the risk of life-threatening brain infections. Stelara, another prescription drug, showed good results in the treatment of psoriasis, but his symptoms returned after five years. This man reported that in those five years he spent about $250,000. (7) Psoralen in combination with UV light exposure (known as PUVA) is one of the most commonly used psoriasis treatment. Psoralen makes the skin sensitive to UV light, but it is usually combined with UVA exposure. UVA rays are linked to skin damages, and UVB light stimulates the skin to produce more vitamin D. Increase the vitamin D intake if you have psoriasis Most experts would agree the most efficient treatment for psoriasis is direct exposure to sunlight, as it will optimize vitamin D level. You do not have to consult your dermatologist; you can help yourself. Regarding this topic, in 2004, Dr. Michael Holick published his book, The UV Advantage. In his book he adviced his readers to get enough sensible sun exposure. He was a professor of dermatology because of the research he had been doing regarding the active vitamin D in the treatment of psoriasis. Moreover, he got the American Skin Association’s Psoriasis Research Achievement Award, which is quite a prestigious award. “As a result, I was in the department of dermatology, continuing to do psoriasis research. But once I began recommending sensible sun exposure for vitamin D, which is counter to what the American Academy of Dermatology’s message was, I was asked to step down as professor of dermatology back in 2004… The American Academy of Dermatology still recommends: you should never be exposed to one direct ray of sunlight for your entire life.” This is actually highly counterintuitive, because the research showed that vitamin D is extremely beneficial for the psoriasis treatment. Sunlight exposure gives great results because UV rays in sunlight and other specifical types of artificial light are able to kill off activated T cells in the skin. This eventually slows down cell turnover and thus reduces any scaling and inflammations Getting enough sunlight will give you enough vitamin D, and it also has some additional health benefits. You would agree that is no coincidence that psoriasis sufferers, who often lack vitamin D, run at a higher risk of chronic diseases, including heart disease and metabolic syndrome – these are also linked with low vitamin D level. (8) Low vitamin D is associated with Parkinson’s disease and cancer Psoriasis sufferers have an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease, and this is also linked to vitamin D deficiency. A study showed that: (9) “Plasma levels of both dietary and sunlight-derived vitamin D are inversely correlated with the risk of Parkinson disease (PD) … The finding suggests that low vitamin D levels in PD are not simply a result of reduced mobility.” A research that is supposed to be presented at the 2015 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium in San Francisco, revealed that there is a strong connection between high vitamin D level and significantly improved survival in patients diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer. (10) According to this study, people with the highest vitamin D level had an average of 27.5 ng/mL, and that is still far below the optimum of 50-70 ng/mL. About 200 epidemiological studies have confirmed the theories that associate vitamin D deficiency with cancer, and 2,500 laboratory studies explain its physiological basis. In 2007, Joan Lappe and Robert Heaney conducted a quite important study which involved a group of menopausal women. These women received enough vitamin D to raise their serum level to 40 ng/ml. They had a 77% lower risk of developing cancer, after just four years (again, 40 ng/ml is a relatively modest level). (11) Scientists have identified about 3,000 genes that could be influenced by vitamin D levels, and many scientists have confirmed that vitamin D is essential for optimal health and prevention against many diseases. When was the last time you checked your vitamin D level? The optimal level for healthy people ranges between 50-70 ng/ml, but the treatment of chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune (i.e. psoriasis) and/or neurological diseases, require double levels, or ideally between 70-100 ng/ml.

References for target ranges You have to realize that vitamin D deficiency is a common condition throughout the world, even in places where most people spend more time in the sun. A recent study conducted in India showed that 69% of 37,000 people involved in the study were vitamin D deficient (at or below 20 ng/ml). 15 percent of the people tested showed insufficient levels (20-30 ng/ml).(12) Men aged 31-60, and women aged 16-30, had the highest risk of vitamin D deficiency, even though the elderly in the US are also at a higher risk. Sensible UVB exposure is the ideal way to increase your vitamin D level, but you can also take an oral supplement (vitamin D3). GrassrootsHealth offers a great chart you can use to learn which is the average adult dose required to increase your vitamin D level based upon your measured starting point. Health experts agree that 35 IUs of vitamin D per pound of body weight is a great estimate for your own dose, but you will sure need to test and observe your levels just in case to be sure. If you take a vitamin D supplement, make sure you take K2 and magnesium as well If you still decide to go for a supplement, make sure you take vitamin D3—not synthetic D2—and take vitamin K2 and magnesium. Vitamin D is fat-soluble, and taking certain forms of healthy fat along with it will sure ease the absorption. Vitamin K2 has a biological role to carry calcium to proper areas in the body. Without the sufficient amount, calcium can build up in arteries, soft tissues and other areas in your body. This leads to calcification which eventually results in hardening of your arteries. This was previously thought to be induced by vitamin D toxicity. Now we are aware of the fact that inappropriate calcification is a result of the lack of K2, and it does not occur due to higher levels of vitamin D, as it was previously believed. Magnesium also plays an important role. It is essential for the proper function of calcium, and for the vitamin D activity, because it turns vitamin D into its active form. Magnesium stimulates the enzyme activity that makes your body use the vitamin D. To be more precise, all enzymes that metabolize vitamin D need magnesium for their proper function. Same as with vitamin D and K2, magnesium deficiency is also quite common. If you lack magnesium and take supplemental calcium, you can actually exacerbate the situation. Vitamin A, zinc, and boron also interact with vitamin D, and that is quite an essential process. If you consider taking supplements, be careful, you can easily end up with lopsided ratios. Organic whole food diet and sensible sun exposure are the best ways to get these nutrients. Magnesium is found in sea vegetables, like kelp, dulse, and nori. Veggies are also a good source. When it comes to supplements, magnesium citrate and magnesium threonate are considered to be the best option.

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Who is in charge in our body?

the biology of belief

During the first few weeks of embryonic development the genes are primarily controlling the unfolding of the body plan of a human (e.g., creating two arms, two legs, ten fingers and ten toes, etc.). Once the embryo takes on the shape of a human, it is called a fetus. In the fetal stage of development, the genes take a back seat to control by environmental information. During this period the fetal body’s structure and function are adjusted in response to the mother’s perception of the environment. Maternal hormones, growth factors and emotional chemistry controlling the mother’s biological response to the environment pass through the placenta and influence the genetics and behavioral programming of the fetus.

I refer to this period where the mother’s perception and interpretation of the world are relayed to the fetus via the chemistry of the mother’s blood as “Nature’s Head-Start Program.” This maternally-relayed “information” about environmental…

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